Thursday, September 11, 2014

Update on my 52-week money challenge: On residual incomes and more

Update on my 52-week challenge:

Still going on even though I do not have my monthly stipend already. 

Thank gods for my residual incomes

I was very fond of attending and trying things to have other sources of income, and this is the gist of what I learned: cut the middle person off, and keep on learning.

Example 1: I am a Sun and Globe load retailer

I did it ever since I got my first cellphone. It's advantageous on many levels. 
First, I get to have load discounts. I don't have to pay Php22 whenever I want to load Php20. (I also don't charge like that, so if you're a Sun/Globe user and we're friends, I'm YOUR retailer. :D ) 
Secondly, I don't have to go outside just to have load. I just have to go to a store one time to buy the load wallet. One added step equals many steps deleted. 
Thirdly, I get to have a business. Though the profit is soooo small now (5%) compared to when I started being a retailer (12-13%), I do it still. 
(Note: Thinking on joining the ABSCBN Mobile, for the sake of cutting the monopoly of telcos a bit. This monopoly thing is slowing us down, that's why I bought Sun. But then Sun was bought by Smart. What do you guys think?)

Example 2: I am Human Nature dealer.

Human Nature has a wide variety of home essential products. 
One sweet day - when I had overflowing orders. See one of the bestsellers here.

Being a dealer with a minimum 25% discount (I have 26% as of the moment) up to maximum 30% discount can really help cut down the budget for groceries. (Blogged about actual computations here.)It's also one of my main source of extra income because it has the highest profit and is the most marketable. Thinking of becoming a dealer too? Click here for the dealer terms, and here for their magalogue (aka brochure) now to see their products.

Example 3: Nuffnang and Churpchurp membership

Image from here.

Because I'm almost always online (free wifi at libraries ftw) and I have blogs (this, here and here, not to mention an 'extra' personal blog somewhere lurking in the webs), I signed up to Nuffnang. Even though I haven't gotten monetary gains from it because my blogs are not famous enough to earn much, Nuffnang runs other promos and contests with prizes such as movie passes, GCs and the likes. I won a couple of times already, and I must say, it's worth it, being a Nuffnang member.

Churpchurp, on the other hand, pays the 'sharer' money for every click. The links can be shared almost anywhere. Mostly, I share them at my FB and Twitter accounts, but I've shared some here, too. If you want to be a member, just click here. It's easy

Example 4: Signed up for WFMA
For continued learning regarding financial matters, I attended a free seminar on how to build a solid financial foundation. It taught me the basics of how to handle money and where to put it depending on its intended use (yes, it shouldn't be all in the bank). What made me instantly join the association is because the registration has no expiration, I can attend seminars for members anytime I want, and of course, the extra cash. After I get my Insular Wealth Assurance through WFMA, I encouraged my friends and family to attend the seminar, and some of them bought plans for themselves too, having known the advantages of having one. Education is the key, so we're not just selling in WFMA, we make sure that the plans that one buys is the right plan for him/her. The personal financial check up and proposal-making are free too, so I encourage everyone to avail them. (Comment here or contact me at 09222425334 if you want to attend the seminar, too!) As of now, I'm not an active member (because of my acads), but I can go back any time, without any fees to pay. 
*Added perk - I've got to make new friends who are as 'higpit sa pera' as me, so as a bonus, I've got myselfsurrounded by money masters = good influence. 

So, those are my activities to keep my 52-week challenge going. Are you on the challenge too? Share your experiences on keeping it up below!

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