Monday, September 30, 2013

Animorphs 30 Day Challenge: Day 5 - David

Day Five: What is your opinion on David?

David is one of my worst nightmares generated by this series. I would gladly skip the David series if I'm to reread Animorphs 1-54. 
He's bad for one's guilt - yes, he's a human being and he has the right to live, but he's such a pain in the ass that I was really happy that they got rid of him. However, I don't like the Animorphs' decision to let him stay as a rat. They may have picked some animal with a less suicidal life like dolphin, dog or even cat. A person may be bad, but that doesn't mean that s/he should be punished harshly, right?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Animorphs 30 Day Challenge: Day 4 - Favorite Book

Day Four: Your favourite book, including Megamorphs, Alternamorphs, and the chronicles

My favorite Animorphs books are the Megamorphs series.
But, if I have to choose just one from the series, it would be the fourth one because of these reasons:
1. When I have the time, I can't help but grab it and reread it because the cover looks extremely cool.
2. Rachel and Marco dated. That's my ultimate fanfic dream.
3. Marco died. It's weird, but I love the feels I felt when he died.
4. The Elimist and Crayak's relationship with the Animorphs amazes me to no end, and this book is one delightful example.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Animorphs 30 Day Challenge: Day 3

Favorite Morph

I have two answers here.

1. I would love to morph the duck, because of its restlessness in flying. I love the way Applegate describes the flying sensations; it really drove me to envy the characters because they were experiencing it.

2. Because I am constantly reminded on how the Animorphs (AM) generated many nightmares from morphing this insect, I would count it as my favorite AM's reaction to morph. It's the ant. I like how morphing it can be equated to being infested by a Yeerk - same feeling of helplessness and having mo freedom. I can't choose what's worse - being a prisoner of a system (work-kill-die) or having your actions controlled by an evil parasite. I love how that chapter made me think.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Animorphs 30 Day Challenge: Day 2

My favorite good guy side character is, sorry to be oh-so-biased, Marco's dad. I reread some books from the series just to pick someone else. Alas, it did not happen.
Here are the whys:
1. The way he accepted the Animorphs and Chee situation was commendable. It didn't take time for him to swallow those facts - that's when I started to like him. 
2. He rhymes in conversations with Marco. How cool is that. 
3. He's a skilled engineer; he's so skilled that he's a part of a team to first discover Z-space. I like engineers. 
4. Marco cares a lot for him. He must be a great dad before the dead mom incident.

Ok, this really looks like I'm all over Marco that's why I like his dad... but yeah, it's true.
Forgive me.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Animorphs 30 Day Challenge: Day 1

I easily pick Marco.
Whenever I have this urge to reread Animorphs, I eventually browse over multiples of 5 books (except for 51), where Marco is the POV. 

Why. If I have an ideal man, he can well fill in his shoes, except for his height. I can live with his sense of humor alone, but he also has this intelligence that he alone has (in the team). That's due to his skepticism and reading too much Tom Clancy novels. I'm a sucker for logic-of-an-engineer brained man (my boyfriend has one), and he has it. The way he handled their missions are pretty straight forward, and they needed someone like him who would cut to the chase. I can feel the way he weighs down his family and the whole humanity as he thinks on what action to take. 
I just hope there's an entire fan fiction of him finding the love of his life. That would be cute. I want to see his lovey-dovey side.
Most of all, I want his confidence. (Yes, I want to have it.)
I can practically live with him.  

I swoon over this particular Marco:
Image source.

These are my biases - from different books and series: 
Chandler Bing, Weasley twins, Petyr Baelish,  Renly Baratheon, Finnick Odair . I can see that my pattern is smart and/or funny. Marco is so one of them.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Animorphs: 30 Day Challenge

I spent my last two weekends of August rereading one of my favorite series, Animorphs, and I think I should do a 30 Day challenge, because I can't get enough of them. :)
This challenge is from moeby.tumblr

Day One: Your favourite of the original six Animorphs.
Day Two: Your favourite ‘good guy’ side character.
Day Three: Your favourite morph.
Day Four: Your favourite book, including Megamorphs, Alternamorphs, and the chronicles.
Day Five: What is your opinion on David?
Day Six: What is your opinion on the addition of the Auxiliary Animorphs?
Day Seven: Who was the better leader, Visser One or Visser Three?
Day Eight: TV series, love or hate? Why?
Day Nine: Your least favourite Animorph.
Day Ten: Your OTP.Day Eleven: A Controller you love…or love to hate.
Day Twelve: Your thoughts on Visser Three.
Day Thirteen: What would you do if given the ability to morph?
Day Fourteen: What would you choose for a battle morph?
Day Fifteen: Three moments that broke your heart.
Day Sixteen: Three moments of nightmare fuel.
Day Seventeen: Three heartwarming moments.
Day Eighteen: A Funny Aneurysm Moment.
Day Nineteen: Three favourite quotes/conversations.
Day Twenty: How has Animorphs influenced your life?
Day Twenty-One: It’s natural for a leader to make some mistakes. What are some mistakes you think Jake made in the war against the Yeerks?
Day Twenty-Two: An unpopular opinion you have about the series.
Day Twenty-Three: Share some headcanon.
Day Twenty-Four: Who do you think matured the most throughout the series?
Day Twenty-Five: If you could make one change to the series, what would it be?
Day Twenty-Six: Would you be for or against an Animorphs movie?
Day Twenty-Seven: <We are the Helmacrons, lords of the galaxy!>
Day Twenty-Eight: The Ellimist or Crayak?
Day Twenty-Nine: Your favourite alien species.
Day Thirty: Your thoughts on the ending.

UP Diliman: Cimemalaya 9 Double Feature

At long last, Cinemalaya will be going to UP Film Institute on September 10 and 11!
Cimemalaya 9 Double Feature, brought to us by UP Cinema, will feature Purok 7, Debosyon, Transit and Sana Dati, the movie that got more awards than the more famous Extra starring Vilma Santos. (Here's the link to the full list of awards brought to us by Rappler.)
Image source: here.

I'm planning to watch all (I still regret not watching any film last year. Bwakaw huhuhu), but I'm sure that I'll be watching Sana Dati because of I'm intrigued on why it hoarded the awards. I will also watch Transit because its trailer tugged my heart already, what more if I watch its entirety. Plus I want to see Jasmine Curtis-Smith's award-winning performance.

What's best about this event is that they have discount tickets for students! Php 20 will be deducted for us; Php 80 for a movie is definitely not bad, right? And if you're not studying (anymore), Php 100 is way cheaper still for a movie, relative to your mall-based movies.

So join me on those two days of Philippine entertainment and art. :)