Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Animorphs: 30 Day Challenge

I spent my last two weekends of August rereading one of my favorite series, Animorphs, and I think I should do a 30 Day challenge, because I can't get enough of them. :)
This challenge is from moeby.tumblr

Day One: Your favourite of the original six Animorphs.
Day Two: Your favourite ‘good guy’ side character.
Day Three: Your favourite morph.
Day Four: Your favourite book, including Megamorphs, Alternamorphs, and the chronicles.
Day Five: What is your opinion on David?
Day Six: What is your opinion on the addition of the Auxiliary Animorphs?
Day Seven: Who was the better leader, Visser One or Visser Three?
Day Eight: TV series, love or hate? Why?
Day Nine: Your least favourite Animorph.
Day Ten: Your OTP.Day Eleven: A Controller you love…or love to hate.
Day Twelve: Your thoughts on Visser Three.
Day Thirteen: What would you do if given the ability to morph?
Day Fourteen: What would you choose for a battle morph?
Day Fifteen: Three moments that broke your heart.
Day Sixteen: Three moments of nightmare fuel.
Day Seventeen: Three heartwarming moments.
Day Eighteen: A Funny Aneurysm Moment.
Day Nineteen: Three favourite quotes/conversations.
Day Twenty: How has Animorphs influenced your life?
Day Twenty-One: It’s natural for a leader to make some mistakes. What are some mistakes you think Jake made in the war against the Yeerks?
Day Twenty-Two: An unpopular opinion you have about the series.
Day Twenty-Three: Share some headcanon.
Day Twenty-Four: Who do you think matured the most throughout the series?
Day Twenty-Five: If you could make one change to the series, what would it be?
Day Twenty-Six: Would you be for or against an Animorphs movie?
Day Twenty-Seven: <We are the Helmacrons, lords of the galaxy!>
Day Twenty-Eight: The Ellimist or Crayak?
Day Twenty-Nine: Your favourite alien species.
Day Thirty: Your thoughts on the ending.

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