Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tea Places in Maginhawa St.

I was a milk tea shop hopper in Maginhawa St. for four months now, and I must say I have my favorites. To tell the truth, I sometimes don't go there for the tea, but for other things... :) These are my picks:

from http://adf.ly/R5d9C

They have the friendliest staff, plus it's open until 12. I love to order green tea (with no mix) there when I'm feeling less of a sweet tooth. 
They also have the steadiest wifi connection and you can plug your laptops free of charge. They're popular though so the place can easily get full. I'm almost there everyday. XD
Summary: Best for wifi lovers.

from http://adf.ly/R5eB0

What I really love here is their chewy pearls. Be afraid not of eating powdery pearls there ever. It's a must try. Plus they have the coziest interior and seats. :) 
I would have visited them more often if not for their lack of wifi connection. 
But if you want a variety of choices for drinks (they have coffee and lost of milk tea flavors), you're in for a treat.
Summary: Best for pearl lovers.

Tea Please
Jasmine green with coffee jelly

The most tea-flavored tea of them all is in Tea Please. Meaning, it's the least diluted (that's what I think though). :) 
It also has the cheapest regular tea (P35 for a medium sized basic tea). What I usually order here is basic jasmine tea with coffee jelly. They have internet connection, though it's a bit moody. You must be there at the right time. I also love their Cake Middleton. Actually, I adore it. Truly for a sweet tooth. 
Summary: Best for tea lovers.

What's your favorite tea place/ Maginhawa restaurant? Let me know their best dish. :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Panoramio Photography Contest: June 2013 Entries

Here I am again, entering panoramio.com's monthly contest. :) This time, their categories are back to Scenery, Unusual Location, Travel, and Heritage (See details here. Here's a link to past winners with these four categories.).

So, here's my shameless plug to my entries.

I entered 4 pictures to the category Scenery:

Panoramio page link here
Panoramio page link here
Panoramio page link here
Panoramio page link here
And here's my entry for Unusual Location:

Panoramio page link here
I hope I have a chance to win XD
I don't know if it helps, but you can like my pictures or add them to your favorites (here are my favorites), if you have a panoramio account.
Or you can share them by +1 and/or tweeting. Hope you'll do one if you have time, please. :))))

 I love you already, and thank you! :)))

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On Sale: Human Nature

They're on sale!

Message or text me for orders (HN dealer here). :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Humanity Fair Photos

Last February 3, 2013, I attended Human Nature's Humanity Fair at GK Enchanted Farm, Encanto, Angat, Bulacan.
The fair consisted of stops/stations that had cool activities that everyone could join into.

This is a stop where kids drew or wrote their aspirations.
Their works were hung in the Tree of Hope. :)
Pretty cool station.

The family that 'adopted' me. Thank you, Ate Tina! :)

Bridge made up of recycled drums. 

Pottery stop! 

Pottery stop product :)

Colorful playground made of old tires. Children loved this place!

Exotic pets stop.


I want to have one like this when I become rich. (Herb House)

Different kinds of cheese

One of the organic products for sale

Pineapple + wheatgrass shake (instead of sugar, watermelon was added). 

The bamboo house. 

Social entreps' tent. 

Cutsie fruit stuffed toys for sale!
I want to buy my nephew some day! (didn't have enough money when I went there. But HN Commonwealth branch has these too so I could buy them from there.) 

Risque shoes. Can someone give me one of these for Christmas? They're too pretty! As pretty as the owner, Tal. ;)

No shoes and slippers upstairs. (At bamboo place)

View from the bamboo place's second floor.

Picturesque farm. Added this to my panoramio collection and entered it for panoramio's June contest: http://adf.ly/3810780/panojune

They have chilli too!

Heart-shaped pool.
I'm proud of this picture because in won an Earthian photo contest. (Though no cash or anythign was given  :( LOL)

I didn't go to every station because I thought I did already. :( That mean I have a reason to go there again, yay! Til the next Humanity Fair!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Cha Dao!

Because of this, their teas (except for froth blends and salted caramel blends) are buy one take one!
We ordered Assam Creme and Choco Strawberry Yakult (mine). You should try both. I looooove CSY!
Grab a tea now! Their offer is for this day only. :)