Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Humanity Fair Photos

Last February 3, 2013, I attended Human Nature's Humanity Fair at GK Enchanted Farm, Encanto, Angat, Bulacan.
The fair consisted of stops/stations that had cool activities that everyone could join into.

This is a stop where kids drew or wrote their aspirations.
Their works were hung in the Tree of Hope. :)
Pretty cool station.

The family that 'adopted' me. Thank you, Ate Tina! :)

Bridge made up of recycled drums. 

Pottery stop! 

Pottery stop product :)

Colorful playground made of old tires. Children loved this place!

Exotic pets stop.


I want to have one like this when I become rich. (Herb House)

Different kinds of cheese

One of the organic products for sale

Pineapple + wheatgrass shake (instead of sugar, watermelon was added). 

The bamboo house. 

Social entreps' tent. 

Cutsie fruit stuffed toys for sale!
I want to buy my nephew some day! (didn't have enough money when I went there. But HN Commonwealth branch has these too so I could buy them from there.) 

Risque shoes. Can someone give me one of these for Christmas? They're too pretty! As pretty as the owner, Tal. ;)

No shoes and slippers upstairs. (At bamboo place)

View from the bamboo place's second floor.

Picturesque farm. Added this to my panoramio collection and entered it for panoramio's June contest: http://adf.ly/3810780/panojune

They have chilli too!

Heart-shaped pool.
I'm proud of this picture because in won an Earthian photo contest. (Though no cash or anythign was given  :( LOL)

I didn't go to every station because I thought I did already. :( That mean I have a reason to go there again, yay! Til the next Humanity Fair!

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