Sunday, July 15, 2018

Day 6 — A stranger

I've been sitting on this letter challenge for ever now, & I think I'll be able to finish it this year! Hahaha hurray!

Ok, so now I'm Day 6 and it's for a stranger. Here goes...

Dear stranger,

I imagine you're from the Philippines. I hope we'll both be alive when the Probinsyano ends. I hope we won't be living the Marcos' copycat's dream anytime soon. 

Anyhoo, I've been dying to tell someone everything that's good in the world, so you'll have a handful of stuff from me. :)

1. Life is not fair. It's not a fairy tale. Everyone dies at the end. But, as my favorite author Neil Gaiman eloquently wrote here (please read it because I could not do justice in summarizing his words), if faced between two evils, and there's a good thing in the middle, just enjoy the good thing. 

2. Live your true self. I can't do this all the time so I want to always be with myself or with my boyfriend, but if you still can change your life to be who you want to be, do it. It's just one take, you know. There's no next chance. 

3. Likewise, there's this classic song that spoke right through me on a different level this midlife crisis of mine, and it's 

This is my favorite part:

Didn't make sense not to live for fun
Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb

Who cares if you're not a lawyer, or a doctor, or an engineer? If you don't want to be one, don't want to be one. We can take the not-yet-built path and it's alright. We may not have plans for our future yet - still fine. If you want to have fun, and you have the means, go for it. If you don't have the means, work hard, then party harder after. (Debts are deadly, don't do it.) The song's message is all about breaking the mold. No one should care about the mold. It's made by a society that doesn't consider one's feelings. 

4. Own a dog. They're the best companions ever. If the humans keep failing you, just go to your dog and everything will be lighter to handle. 

Our dog, Twinkle!

5. Own your body. It's not the state's, your religion's or your boyfriend's. It's yours. Do what you want with it. Know every corner and detail of your beautiful body, because it's a sad sad thought that many of my acquaintances won't touch certain parts of their bodies on an ordinary day unless they have to! It's crazy. 

6. Your moral code is only yours. If you have a religion as your basis, and I have none, it's none of your business. And vice versa,as long as you're not hurting anyone. Most especially as long as you're not imposing it to everyone. It's disgusting. You may coat it as discipleship, but no one's been fooled by bigotry. 
Ekkk, I'm preaching already. Let's just love one another, just as the Fab5 does.

Yep, let's make world a better and cleaner place, shall we? 

Stranger 2


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

From "when thoughts become this random" to "Sasa's bloggity blog"

Omg hello again, blog! It's been n years! So much has happened, and I did not have the time to add musings in here, but I missed this, so I'm baaaack~!

The truth is, I really want to post photos and adventures in FB but I don't want to look social-climber-y , that's why I'm here. I feel that this is a safer place.

Right, about the 'rebranding'. I feel like "when thoughts..." is too 2000. I will not even go here if I saw the title. But well the new name's not so much of an improvement, but it sounds more fun, right? I hope to be more fun from this point forward, anyway. :)

So... yeah. Let's have some fun again and I hope to enjoy the no-judgment venting in this "rebranded" space :)

I'm back with my camera and ready to vent again oh yeah!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Climate Reality: First Act of Leadership

It's been a long while! I've been very busy with my job that I haven't had the time to blog in ages, but here we are again, yay!
For the last 1.5 years, I've been teaching engineering subjects in college, and it's the perfect opportunity to share my passion - environment-hugging. 

Last Feb 2016, I attended VP Al Gore's Climate reality here in the Philippines, and it was an exhilarating experience. 
After the seminar, we were required to have 10 Acts of Leadership, and I was very happy to do my first act so I shared my new earned knowledge to my students (6 sections, about 40 students each), as I was teaching Environmental Engineering.
The most important part of the lecture I gave them is the effects of CO2 to our climate, and what we can do to avoid them. It's especially relatable because during that time, we were experiencing El Nino. Included in the lecture were some of the ways we can do to reduce carbon emission. 

So one of their final requirements in class was to reduce 50kg of carbon emission per group (with 3 members). I taught them calculations and directed them to some sites where carbon emissions can be computed so that they would know if their activities can reduce 50gk CO2 or if they need to do more activities.

Most groups did what I included in the lectures as examples. They changed their diet from eating beef to having a vegetarian diet. Some switched their lights and other appliances off when not in use.

One example of their activities

Moreover, I was surprised and awed by their creativity. One group amazed me because instead of personally reducing their carbon emissions, they wrote a letter of request to their dean for the whole building to participate. It was requested to switch off air conditioners and lights after 5pm, because most classes are until 5pm only. 
Another group went house to house to introduce their neighborhood to carbon emission reduction, and they made them pledge to reduce the usage of their lights and electricity.

Of course, while they were doing those carbon reduction activities, I also did my part. I use organic detergents, shampoo and conditioner, unplug unused appliances, and make sure to reduce the use of plastics.

Overall, I hope I made them realize what they can do to prevent climate change, and that they will reduce cabon emission even if they were not required.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

JENESYS Japan: Day 1

Day 1: September 29, 2014
Upon arriving at Narita Airport and after fixing problems regarding immigration, we were fetched by Mr. Kei Nakayama, our Japanese coordinator. While some of my co-delegates were exchanging pesos to yen, I observed the airport.
Chiba mascot welcoming us to Chiba, Japan.

My first time to see trash cans with good segregation.

We went to APA Hotel in Chiba by bus. Upon arriving at the hotel, room assignments were distributed and the dinner place and time was announced.
During the dinner, Mrs. Hitomi Yamada was introduced to us as our interpreter. Then, after the dinner, we discussed about our cultural presentation.

After a number of suggestions by my active co-delegates, it was decided that we group ourselves into the three main islands, Luzon (my group), Visayas and Mindanao. We were given limited time to discuss, so the Luzon group had a finalized the idea to perform a Panagbenga dance.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Between Lenses Bloghop: Reflection

This month's theme: Reflection. This bloghop is initiated by Tara Victoria and of trees and hues.
For this month's Between Lenses, I need to reflect on my ways on reflecting.

I realize that because I am now without a prayer every night, I gave too little time to reflect on life in general. That's why every time I spent on that task is very fruitful, indeed. There were times when reflecting is necessary because they are turning points of life, like during birthdays and December 31. Also, there are times that there's no way that I could not reflect on life and how beautiful it is to live, e.g. when I'm in museums and art galleries, whenever I hear a song that pierces my heart with its lyrics and melody (witnessing art), when I'm swimming at a beach, or when I see a huge, glorious tree (with nature).

This photo, taken from Gulugod Baboy, Batangas, Philippines, is one of the examples where I felt that I can truly be alone with my thoughts and just enjoy life as it is. Being with the greenery definitely calms my soul down. Moreover, living near a beach when I was younger, bodies of water feel like home to me. Adding them up, it's the best place for me to reflect on my journey as a human being.

P.S. This bloghop reminds me to take note on how I live my life everyday. Thank you for a wonderful theme, Tara Victoria and of trees and hues. :D