Tuesday, August 20, 2013

UP ISSI: Food Bazaar and Enterprise Exhibit

UP Institute for Small-Scale Industries (UP ISSI) invites us to come to Promoting Food Industry Competitiveness Training (PRO-FIT) Program which started on August 5 until the 31st. 
It's true; they're delicious and affordable. :)
This is located at ISSI's 2nd floor.
Image source: http://adf.ly/U9Hme

If you're a UP student and you want something new for your lunch (like me), this is the place to go.

I ate there twice already because of a particular stall: Wyett's Bakery. 

This is Wyett's glorious bicho-bicho for only 7 php!
I tried their pizza (for only 15 php!) and bicho-bicho, and not only were they delectable, they were also soooo soft. Sulit na sulit na sulit.
I hope they would have a permanent place in UP. :)

I also bought Jenric's polvoron for pasalubong. :)
Jenric's cookies and cream flavored polvoron.

12 pieces for just 50 php! Available in malunggay flavor too.
I also bought some stuff from other participating enterprises some time outside the bazaar dates:

Hillfarm salads for 75 php each.

Leathery pouch for 150 php. 
So if you are looking for something different for lunch, UP ISSI is the way to go.

*I hope they extend their bazaar dates. :) See you there~!