Sunday, December 21, 2014

Between Lenses Bloghop: Reflection

This month's theme: Reflection. This bloghop is initiated by Tara Victoria and of trees and hues.
For this month's Between Lenses, I need to reflect on my ways on reflecting.

I realize that because I am now without a prayer every night, I gave too little time to reflect on life in general. That's why every time I spent on that task is very fruitful, indeed. There were times when reflecting is necessary because they are turning points of life, like during birthdays and December 31. Also, there are times that there's no way that I could not reflect on life and how beautiful it is to live, e.g. when I'm in museums and art galleries, whenever I hear a song that pierces my heart with its lyrics and melody (witnessing art), when I'm swimming at a beach, or when I see a huge, glorious tree (with nature).

This photo, taken from Gulugod Baboy, Batangas, Philippines, is one of the examples where I felt that I can truly be alone with my thoughts and just enjoy life as it is. Being with the greenery definitely calms my soul down. Moreover, living near a beach when I was younger, bodies of water feel like home to me. Adding them up, it's the best place for me to reflect on my journey as a human being.

P.S. This bloghop reminds me to take note on how I live my life everyday. Thank you for a wonderful theme, Tara Victoria and of trees and hues. :D