Friday, November 14, 2014

Between Lenses: Urban

Hola! Here I am again to join Between Lenses bloghop!

It's a bloghop initiated by Tara Victoria and of trees and hues

This month's theme is Urban.

When I hear 'urban', I think of tall buildings and perfect architecture. I have never really lived in a city filled with high rise buildings - I have been to a highly urbanized area but it doesn't look like what 'urban' sounds like - I just thought it's all a clutter of people and structures.

That's why when I went to Japan last month, I was astounded and truly amazed to see perfectly designed urban area. It's like an OC-to-the-bone person measured everything and put all buildings, highways, and greeneries in the right places. It's heavenly.

Tokyo Skytree as background. Shot in a moving bus
This is one of the many breathtaking views as our bus drove along Tokyo. Look at how clean the water body is, and it's in an urban area! It's totally foreign to me,  having only seen Manila. My hopes to have a green Philippines was brought back to life.


  1. really interesting shot, i love getting a peek into Tokyo! i'm sure that would be a great place to visit, the architecture is astounding!

    1. Thank you! All the greenery in this city is very interesting too. I hope I could go back. :)