Saturday, February 25, 2012

Natura Vista Bohol contest

I've never been to Bohol.

Because of being near the beaches, my family is not fond of having getaway trips to have vacation or to enjoy summer. I am mostly seen at Batangas or at school during April and May, which is sad because I long to see and sense the [kabuuan] of the Philippines.  The only other vacation spots that I went to are Pampanga, Baguio, Albay, Bora, Romblon, and Tagaytay, and I visited most of them courtesy of field trips. And, I never got lucky to spend at least 2 days on one of them. So when I see this contest by Natura Vista Bohol, I instantly grabbed the opportunity.

After giving time for myself to think of a catchy phrase and asking for permission from my cousin to use her picture, I came up with this:

Witty eh? :D I hope so. It has layers of meaning; choose what you want. I'll choose the green one. ;)

Being a miser that I am, I really hope to win this contest. You can help me so by liking the picture here. Please please like it.:)))

Crossing my fingers tightly for it!