Wednesday, June 20, 2018

From "when thoughts become this random" to "Sasa's bloggity blog"

Omg hello again, blog! It's been n years! So much has happened, and I did not have the time to add musings in here, but I missed this, so I'm baaaack~!

The truth is, I really want to post photos and adventures in FB but I don't want to look social-climber-y , that's why I'm here. I feel that this is a safer place.

Right, about the 'rebranding'. I feel like "when thoughts..." is too 2000. I will not even go here if I saw the title. But well the new name's not so much of an improvement, but it sounds more fun, right? I hope to be more fun from this point forward, anyway. :)

So... yeah. Let's have some fun again and I hope to enjoy the no-judgment venting in this "rebranded" space :)

I'm back with my camera and ready to vent again oh yeah!