Sunday, December 16, 2012

November 2012 Panoramio Contest Entries

It's time for another Panoramio Photo Contest entries for me again, because it's not wrong to hope. :)

Here are my entries for Travel category: (Laiya)

And here's my entries for Scenery category: (Ilijan)
Please vote for them :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ang Aking Reaksyon sa Pelikulang 'Ang Nawawala'

You know what’s a must-see movie? A free one! And that I did.
I was just lucky to have no class on a Thursday and NCCA Film Showcase had a free screening of the movies they funded. The list of movies are in here:

I was actually curious to see Ang Nawawala during the Cinemalaya days because of the good reviews, but I had a loaded schedule last sem and I was so broke that I hadn't actually watched even just one film from the said film fest (though I watched the controversial non-cinemalaya film MNL 143 and it was SO GOOD). So I was fortunate this time to have the time to take advantage of the free screening. And free aircon. Because it is a weirdly hot Christmas season here in the Philippines.

I had no company when I watched it and it was all good because I could not cry freely if I had one. Not that it was filled with heavy drama; I just easily cry in movies. I was also lucky that I didn't know anything about the story of the movie so even the slightest detail shocked and/or amused me as I was watching.


'Ang Nawawala' is all about how Gibson and his formerly-perfect family coped up with a tragedy that happened to them ten years ago. It was focused on Gibson, who never talk[ed] again after the accident. He’s depicted as a music lover (with musically inclined friends) who always carries a camera around so the movie was a feast for the ears and eyes. 

Moreover, the actors in the movie – Mercedes Cabral (first actor who popped in my biased brain), the Roco brothers, Dawn Zulueta (she’s shining here. If it’s not Dominic Roco’s film, it’s hers.), Boboy Garovillo's happy happy face, Annicka Dolonius to name a few, are definitely pleasing to MY eyes. 

Plus the bands who played in the movie - Pedicab, Itchyworms!, Ciudad, Sugarfree, Pedicab, Flying Ipis - and the song selections are almost perfect. If I am not an OPM fan when I watched it, I would be converted to one after. Alas, I’m already a fan, and I definitely enjoyed the OST. 

Apart from these, I also enjoyed its storyline. I enjoy stories that dwell on psychology (coping on traumatic incidents is part of psych right?) so this movie’s for me.
I exited the movie house looking sad and elated at the same time: sad because of my puffy eyes and elated because I found the movie really awesome.

It’s one of the things that made me feel human, and less of a human because of not experiencing life as the characters of the movie experienced it, simultaneously

Ang Nawawala Day

This-has-been-a-great-day!-list: (December 1)

  • ·         Finally watched Ang Nawawala!
  • ·         First time to enter CSSP Com Lab
  • ·         First time to buy anything from The Museum CafĂ©
  • ·         First time to drink Vitamin Boost
  • ·         Heard Maalaala Mo Kaya played by the carillon, while seeing a colourful sky and smelling good-smelling flowers and reading ‘I love you’ from my cellphone (texted just in time. You are perfect, boyfriend.)
  • ·         Watched a beautiful sunset. Not-too-brilliant colors, but perfect for a ‘soulful’ mood
  • ·         Stared at an adequately beautiful moonrise