Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ang Nawawala Day

This-has-been-a-great-day!-list: (December 1)

  • ·         Finally watched Ang Nawawala!
  • ·         First time to enter CSSP Com Lab
  • ·         First time to buy anything from The Museum Café
  • ·         First time to drink Vitamin Boost
  • ·         Heard Maalaala Mo Kaya played by the carillon, while seeing a colourful sky and smelling good-smelling flowers and reading ‘I love you’ from my cellphone (texted just in time. You are perfect, boyfriend.)
  • ·         Watched a beautiful sunset. Not-too-brilliant colors, but perfect for a ‘soulful’ mood
  • ·         Stared at an adequately beautiful moonrise

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