Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Day 8 — Your favorite internet friend

 Back to the challenge  that I'm trying to finish, I would love to write these letters to my 2 online friends.

Dear bookish internet friend,
I miss you. I hope you'll be active in Messenger again. When was the last time we chatted anyway?
Wow, it's been years! I hope you're doing well. Have you read interesting books lately? Well, for me,  I was soo behind my book challenge for this year. I've just read 2 books and it's already September! Ughhh.
But really, I'm glad you faced your demons already. I can still chat with you even though you're still facing them currently, you know? I can be your ears/shoulder to cry on. You can even ask my second internet friend, he'll tell you I'm a good listener hehe.

Let's chat again soon,
Book friend

Dear curious internet friend,
I love your stories. It's like you're living my dream(s) for me. I hope you'll stay curious, but safe. Moreover, in terms of your current endavors, I believe you can do it. You can chat with me any time for moral support :). Let's please don't stay out of touch.

Please say hi to sir for me hehe,
Curious-without-action friend