Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Human Nature Magalogue Turnover

I was at the Human Nature magalogue turnover last July 13. They had a little program in which they introduced their new products (27.5% off/30% off, depends). I bought some of them for me to try. :)

Pretty design! My first zippered bag from Human Nature.

27.5% off. Shampoo and conditioner for me, Scrub for stocking and Body wash for my brother :)

For the conclusion of the human nature products, they played a video with a theme of how much they grew and developed into what they are now. It also showed how this growth affect their employees, the Filipino farmers and Filipina seamstresses within their company. It's an inspiring video for people who want to see and do change to the Philippines. It made me, a Human Nature consumer, feel that I was doing a good thing for the Philippines by just choosing their products: it made me feel proud of myself, that with this little act, I was making a difference.

After that, the Plush and Play (bolooka site) mastermind (I can't remember his name, and I really can't find him in the internet world) talked about his venture, where he came from (France), what was his first motivation, idea and prototype, and how it later on became Plush n Play.
That's him, with Anna Meloto-Wilk on the side.

While he's talking, I was impressed by how he can easily be a model entrepreneur. I am currently taking up IE 298: Entrepreneurship, and all the steps on making a startup, he did, and shared to us. He has this vision to replace all the lead containing toys by his toys - and I couldn't think of anything but impressive. I hope I could have that goals when it's my turn to have a business venture. I wish for him to have many avenues to talk about his venture, so that many would be inspired, just like me.

Plush n Play toys were handmade by GK needlewomen aka crafters. Ate Fe, one of the mananahis, was there and introduced us the toys. she also made a demo on how to make them. The kids in the room was very curious and enthusiastic about it.
Ate Fe, one of the crafters, showing how to make Maria Manga

The kids were so interested!

The toys are so cute, informative, safe and very Filipino.

This really made me laugh - Dalandaniel Padilla.

Buko Martin

Manny Pakwan

Pan talong

I talked to her and she said that they are open to make souvenirs for kiddie birthday parties. [I would love that! On my 25th birthday, if ever I'm effing rich, I would have 'Jessica Saging' and the talong as giveaway. LOL]

I enjoyed all the freebies (had two cups of coffee, candies and cookies), the atmosphere of giving and hope, and hearing the inspirational talks of the social entrepreneurs from HN and Plush and Play.

I wish them more successful magalogue turnovers, and more costumers!

You can see other pics of the event here.