Friday, November 29, 2013

Animorphs 30 Day Challenge: Day 6 - Auxiliary Animorphs

Day Six: What is your opinion on the addition of the Auxiliary Animorphs?

Though I was not attached to their characters (thus no feels were given for them ever), I think that the addition was somewhat late. They could be help the cause in many ways, and it would give Jake less headaches if only...
Plus it would be better imho if their emotions were thoroughly explored too. Auxiliary Animorphs were crucial to the original Animorphs' success, plus they are good emotion/philosophy targets, with their physical mishaps and all those freedom that morphing had given them. (Needs to check fanfics)

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Animorphs 30 Day Challenge: Day 5 - David

Day Five: What is your opinion on David?

David is one of my worst nightmares generated by this series. I would gladly skip the David series if I'm to reread Animorphs 1-54. 
He's bad for one's guilt - yes, he's a human being and he has the right to live, but he's such a pain in the ass that I was really happy that they got rid of him. However, I don't like the Animorphs' decision to let him stay as a rat. They may have picked some animal with a less suicidal life like dolphin, dog or even cat. A person may be bad, but that doesn't mean that s/he should be punished harshly, right?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Animorphs 30 Day Challenge: Day 4 - Favorite Book

Day Four: Your favourite book, including Megamorphs, Alternamorphs, and the chronicles

My favorite Animorphs books are the Megamorphs series.
But, if I have to choose just one from the series, it would be the fourth one because of these reasons:
1. When I have the time, I can't help but grab it and reread it because the cover looks extremely cool.
2. Rachel and Marco dated. That's my ultimate fanfic dream.
3. Marco died. It's weird, but I love the feels I felt when he died.
4. The Elimist and Crayak's relationship with the Animorphs amazes me to no end, and this book is one delightful example.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Animorphs 30 Day Challenge: Day 3

Favorite Morph

I have two answers here.

1. I would love to morph the duck, because of its restlessness in flying. I love the way Applegate describes the flying sensations; it really drove me to envy the characters because they were experiencing it.

2. Because I am constantly reminded on how the Animorphs (AM) generated many nightmares from morphing this insect, I would count it as my favorite AM's reaction to morph. It's the ant. I like how morphing it can be equated to being infested by a Yeerk - same feeling of helplessness and having mo freedom. I can't choose what's worse - being a prisoner of a system (work-kill-die) or having your actions controlled by an evil parasite. I love how that chapter made me think.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Animorphs 30 Day Challenge: Day 2

My favorite good guy side character is, sorry to be oh-so-biased, Marco's dad. I reread some books from the series just to pick someone else. Alas, it did not happen.
Here are the whys:
1. The way he accepted the Animorphs and Chee situation was commendable. It didn't take time for him to swallow those facts - that's when I started to like him. 
2. He rhymes in conversations with Marco. How cool is that. 
3. He's a skilled engineer; he's so skilled that he's a part of a team to first discover Z-space. I like engineers. 
4. Marco cares a lot for him. He must be a great dad before the dead mom incident.

Ok, this really looks like I'm all over Marco that's why I like his dad... but yeah, it's true.
Forgive me.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Animorphs 30 Day Challenge: Day 1

I easily pick Marco.
Whenever I have this urge to reread Animorphs, I eventually browse over multiples of 5 books (except for 51), where Marco is the POV. 

Why. If I have an ideal man, he can well fill in his shoes, except for his height. I can live with his sense of humor alone, but he also has this intelligence that he alone has (in the team). That's due to his skepticism and reading too much Tom Clancy novels. I'm a sucker for logic-of-an-engineer brained man (my boyfriend has one), and he has it. The way he handled their missions are pretty straight forward, and they needed someone like him who would cut to the chase. I can feel the way he weighs down his family and the whole humanity as he thinks on what action to take. 
I just hope there's an entire fan fiction of him finding the love of his life. That would be cute. I want to see his lovey-dovey side.
Most of all, I want his confidence. (Yes, I want to have it.)
I can practically live with him.  

I swoon over this particular Marco:
Image source.

These are my biases - from different books and series: 
Chandler Bing, Weasley twins, Petyr Baelish,  Renly Baratheon, Finnick Odair . I can see that my pattern is smart and/or funny. Marco is so one of them.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Animorphs: 30 Day Challenge

I spent my last two weekends of August rereading one of my favorite series, Animorphs, and I think I should do a 30 Day challenge, because I can't get enough of them. :)
This challenge is from moeby.tumblr

Day One: Your favourite of the original six Animorphs.
Day Two: Your favourite ‘good guy’ side character.
Day Three: Your favourite morph.
Day Four: Your favourite book, including Megamorphs, Alternamorphs, and the chronicles.
Day Five: What is your opinion on David?
Day Six: What is your opinion on the addition of the Auxiliary Animorphs?
Day Seven: Who was the better leader, Visser One or Visser Three?
Day Eight: TV series, love or hate? Why?
Day Nine: Your least favourite Animorph.
Day Ten: Your OTP.Day Eleven: A Controller you love…or love to hate.
Day Twelve: Your thoughts on Visser Three.
Day Thirteen: What would you do if given the ability to morph?
Day Fourteen: What would you choose for a battle morph?
Day Fifteen: Three moments that broke your heart.
Day Sixteen: Three moments of nightmare fuel.
Day Seventeen: Three heartwarming moments.
Day Eighteen: A Funny Aneurysm Moment.
Day Nineteen: Three favourite quotes/conversations.
Day Twenty: How has Animorphs influenced your life?
Day Twenty-One: It’s natural for a leader to make some mistakes. What are some mistakes you think Jake made in the war against the Yeerks?
Day Twenty-Two: An unpopular opinion you have about the series.
Day Twenty-Three: Share some headcanon.
Day Twenty-Four: Who do you think matured the most throughout the series?
Day Twenty-Five: If you could make one change to the series, what would it be?
Day Twenty-Six: Would you be for or against an Animorphs movie?
Day Twenty-Seven: <We are the Helmacrons, lords of the galaxy!>
Day Twenty-Eight: The Ellimist or Crayak?
Day Twenty-Nine: Your favourite alien species.
Day Thirty: Your thoughts on the ending.

UP Diliman: Cimemalaya 9 Double Feature

At long last, Cinemalaya will be going to UP Film Institute on September 10 and 11!
Cimemalaya 9 Double Feature, brought to us by UP Cinema, will feature Purok 7, Debosyon, Transit and Sana Dati, the movie that got more awards than the more famous Extra starring Vilma Santos. (Here's the link to the full list of awards brought to us by Rappler.)
Image source: here.

I'm planning to watch all (I still regret not watching any film last year. Bwakaw huhuhu), but I'm sure that I'll be watching Sana Dati because of I'm intrigued on why it hoarded the awards. I will also watch Transit because its trailer tugged my heart already, what more if I watch its entirety. Plus I want to see Jasmine Curtis-Smith's award-winning performance.

What's best about this event is that they have discount tickets for students! Php 20 will be deducted for us; Php 80 for a movie is definitely not bad, right? And if you're not studying (anymore), Php 100 is way cheaper still for a movie, relative to your mall-based movies.

So join me on those two days of Philippine entertainment and art. :) 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

UP ISSI: Food Bazaar and Enterprise Exhibit

UP Institute for Small-Scale Industries (UP ISSI) invites us to come to Promoting Food Industry Competitiveness Training (PRO-FIT) Program which started on August 5 until the 31st. 
It's true; they're delicious and affordable. :)
This is located at ISSI's 2nd floor.
Image source:

If you're a UP student and you want something new for your lunch (like me), this is the place to go.

I ate there twice already because of a particular stall: Wyett's Bakery. 

This is Wyett's glorious bicho-bicho for only 7 php!
I tried their pizza (for only 15 php!) and bicho-bicho, and not only were they delectable, they were also soooo soft. Sulit na sulit na sulit.
I hope they would have a permanent place in UP. :)

I also bought Jenric's polvoron for pasalubong. :)
Jenric's cookies and cream flavored polvoron.

12 pieces for just 50 php! Available in malunggay flavor too.
I also bought some stuff from other participating enterprises some time outside the bazaar dates:

Hillfarm salads for 75 php each.

Leathery pouch for 150 php. 
So if you are looking for something different for lunch, UP ISSI is the way to go.

*I hope they extend their bazaar dates. :) See you there~!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Human Nature Magalogue Turnover

I was at the Human Nature magalogue turnover last July 13. They had a little program in which they introduced their new products (27.5% off/30% off, depends). I bought some of them for me to try. :)

Pretty design! My first zippered bag from Human Nature.

27.5% off. Shampoo and conditioner for me, Scrub for stocking and Body wash for my brother :)

For the conclusion of the human nature products, they played a video with a theme of how much they grew and developed into what they are now. It also showed how this growth affect their employees, the Filipino farmers and Filipina seamstresses within their company. It's an inspiring video for people who want to see and do change to the Philippines. It made me, a Human Nature consumer, feel that I was doing a good thing for the Philippines by just choosing their products: it made me feel proud of myself, that with this little act, I was making a difference.

After that, the Plush and Play (bolooka site) mastermind (I can't remember his name, and I really can't find him in the internet world) talked about his venture, where he came from (France), what was his first motivation, idea and prototype, and how it later on became Plush n Play.
That's him, with Anna Meloto-Wilk on the side.

While he's talking, I was impressed by how he can easily be a model entrepreneur. I am currently taking up IE 298: Entrepreneurship, and all the steps on making a startup, he did, and shared to us. He has this vision to replace all the lead containing toys by his toys - and I couldn't think of anything but impressive. I hope I could have that goals when it's my turn to have a business venture. I wish for him to have many avenues to talk about his venture, so that many would be inspired, just like me.

Plush n Play toys were handmade by GK needlewomen aka crafters. Ate Fe, one of the mananahis, was there and introduced us the toys. she also made a demo on how to make them. The kids in the room was very curious and enthusiastic about it.
Ate Fe, one of the crafters, showing how to make Maria Manga

The kids were so interested!

The toys are so cute, informative, safe and very Filipino.

This really made me laugh - Dalandaniel Padilla.

Buko Martin

Manny Pakwan

Pan talong

I talked to her and she said that they are open to make souvenirs for kiddie birthday parties. [I would love that! On my 25th birthday, if ever I'm effing rich, I would have 'Jessica Saging' and the talong as giveaway. LOL]

I enjoyed all the freebies (had two cups of coffee, candies and cookies), the atmosphere of giving and hope, and hearing the inspirational talks of the social entrepreneurs from HN and Plush and Play.

I wish them more successful magalogue turnovers, and more costumers!

You can see other pics of the event here.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tea Places in Maginhawa St.

I was a milk tea shop hopper in Maginhawa St. for four months now, and I must say I have my favorites. To tell the truth, I sometimes don't go there for the tea, but for other things... :) These are my picks:


They have the friendliest staff, plus it's open until 12. I love to order green tea (with no mix) there when I'm feeling less of a sweet tooth. 
They also have the steadiest wifi connection and you can plug your laptops free of charge. They're popular though so the place can easily get full. I'm almost there everyday. XD
Summary: Best for wifi lovers.


What I really love here is their chewy pearls. Be afraid not of eating powdery pearls there ever. It's a must try. Plus they have the coziest interior and seats. :) 
I would have visited them more often if not for their lack of wifi connection. 
But if you want a variety of choices for drinks (they have coffee and lost of milk tea flavors), you're in for a treat.
Summary: Best for pearl lovers.

Tea Please
Jasmine green with coffee jelly

The most tea-flavored tea of them all is in Tea Please. Meaning, it's the least diluted (that's what I think though). :) 
It also has the cheapest regular tea (P35 for a medium sized basic tea). What I usually order here is basic jasmine tea with coffee jelly. They have internet connection, though it's a bit moody. You must be there at the right time. I also love their Cake Middleton. Actually, I adore it. Truly for a sweet tooth. 
Summary: Best for tea lovers.

What's your favorite tea place/ Maginhawa restaurant? Let me know their best dish. :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Panoramio Photography Contest: June 2013 Entries

Here I am again, entering's monthly contest. :) This time, their categories are back to Scenery, Unusual Location, Travel, and Heritage (See details here. Here's a link to past winners with these four categories.).

So, here's my shameless plug to my entries.

I entered 4 pictures to the category Scenery:

Panoramio page link here
Panoramio page link here
Panoramio page link here
Panoramio page link here
And here's my entry for Unusual Location:

Panoramio page link here
I hope I have a chance to win XD
I don't know if it helps, but you can like my pictures or add them to your favorites (here are my favorites), if you have a panoramio account.
Or you can share them by +1 and/or tweeting. Hope you'll do one if you have time, please. :))))

 I love you already, and thank you! :)))

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On Sale: Human Nature

They're on sale!

Message or text me for orders (HN dealer here). :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Humanity Fair Photos

Last February 3, 2013, I attended Human Nature's Humanity Fair at GK Enchanted Farm, Encanto, Angat, Bulacan.
The fair consisted of stops/stations that had cool activities that everyone could join into.

This is a stop where kids drew or wrote their aspirations.
Their works were hung in the Tree of Hope. :)
Pretty cool station.

The family that 'adopted' me. Thank you, Ate Tina! :)

Bridge made up of recycled drums. 

Pottery stop! 

Pottery stop product :)

Colorful playground made of old tires. Children loved this place!

Exotic pets stop.


I want to have one like this when I become rich. (Herb House)

Different kinds of cheese

One of the organic products for sale

Pineapple + wheatgrass shake (instead of sugar, watermelon was added). 

The bamboo house. 

Social entreps' tent. 

Cutsie fruit stuffed toys for sale!
I want to buy my nephew some day! (didn't have enough money when I went there. But HN Commonwealth branch has these too so I could buy them from there.) 

Risque shoes. Can someone give me one of these for Christmas? They're too pretty! As pretty as the owner, Tal. ;)

No shoes and slippers upstairs. (At bamboo place)

View from the bamboo place's second floor.

Picturesque farm. Added this to my panoramio collection and entered it for panoramio's June contest:

They have chilli too!

Heart-shaped pool.
I'm proud of this picture because in won an Earthian photo contest. (Though no cash or anythign was given  :( LOL)

I didn't go to every station because I thought I did already. :( That mean I have a reason to go there again, yay! Til the next Humanity Fair!