Saturday, September 7, 2013

Animorphs 30 Day Challenge: Day 1

I easily pick Marco.
Whenever I have this urge to reread Animorphs, I eventually browse over multiples of 5 books (except for 51), where Marco is the POV. 

Why. If I have an ideal man, he can well fill in his shoes, except for his height. I can live with his sense of humor alone, but he also has this intelligence that he alone has (in the team). That's due to his skepticism and reading too much Tom Clancy novels. I'm a sucker for logic-of-an-engineer brained man (my boyfriend has one), and he has it. The way he handled their missions are pretty straight forward, and they needed someone like him who would cut to the chase. I can feel the way he weighs down his family and the whole humanity as he thinks on what action to take. 
I just hope there's an entire fan fiction of him finding the love of his life. That would be cute. I want to see his lovey-dovey side.
Most of all, I want his confidence. (Yes, I want to have it.)
I can practically live with him.  

I swoon over this particular Marco:
Image source.

These are my biases - from different books and series: 
Chandler Bing, Weasley twins, Petyr Baelish,  Renly Baratheon, Finnick Odair . I can see that my pattern is smart and/or funny. Marco is so one of them.

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