Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DAY HIKE: Gulugod Baboy at Anilao, Mabini, Batangas

Mt. Gulugod Baboy, aka the Teletubby Land

Gulugod Baboy, located at Anilao, Batangas, was one of my climbs this year, and I did it twice!
Due to its 2/9 trail difficulty, I suggested my friends from the second climb to go there, because otherwise we would climb Pico de Loro (with trail difficulty of 3/9). I've been there too, and I concluded that I wanted to go to an easier hike. :)

1. From Batangas City grand terminal, ride a MABINI-bound jeepney (Php35). Tell the driver that you'll go to Gulugod-Baboy. He'll drop you off to a tricycle terminal in Anilao.
2. Ride a tricycle and ask the driver to drop you off at PHILPAN. We paid Php100 per trike.

First stop: paid Php30 each and signed in the logbook


Opposite Philpan Resort is the road where the walking starts to reach the 'foot' of the mountain (I don't know exactly if it's the foot, but it's where the 'This way to Gulugod Baboy' sign is located.
Pic borrowed from my other blog: First phase - the paved road
View from the first phase: Sunbeam Resort
Steps before the sign is Tita Ester's store, where buko juice, ice candies and halo-halo are sold. You can also rent their CR. :)
Tita Ester's (blogged about their refreshments here)
The 'This way to Gulugod Baboy sign' now. It looked like this before.

First stopover after the sign. I'm the one wearing sleeveless blouse. WRONG MOVE.
Expect 3-4 houses to have benches (and sometimes refreshments for sale) to rest on. That was why we reached the peak after almost 2 hours. :)


Find the Sombrero Island in the background! :)

On the way to another peak!

Hike hike hike!
Cows all over the Teletubby land. They're harmless though.
Well hello there!
Caption: Where it came from
Majestic views with the cows
Sunbeam Resort and the trail from the top
Almost horizon-less view

Another almost horizon-less view! Totally worth the sweat.


If anyone can name them, please help me by commenting below. Thank you! :)

I suppose this is an ant XD

1. Bring sunblock. Better yet, wear a jacket, or the arm warmers that are commonly worn by trike drivers. As you can see in one of the pics above, I wore a sleeveless blouse. It was totally a wrong move because even if applied sunblock every 2 hours (or more), the skin on my shoulders which is not commonly exposed to the sun on regular days got sunburned real bad.
2. Bring packed lunch. Because the whole climb can be done half day, lunch can be eaten at the peak or down the mountain. We inquired for food prices at one restaurant near Philpan, and they were expensive.
3. Bring sunglasses and/or cap. There are no trees at the peak, so to avoid the glaring sun, it's best to have one or both.
4. Just in case, bring an umbrella. It drizzled during my second hike, and if you have a history of asthma like me, it's best to be under an umbrella at that moment.


  1. https://youtu.be/kk-F7izumDw

    We plan, plan, and plan about this... we are nurses so we didn't have our same off schedule so I decided to have a vacation leave... and I read this blog and was pursued by this blog of DM Aguila to do whatever it takeys to be just in Mt. Gulugod Baboy....At long last!!! April 2015 finally. This Blog didn't lie how surreal the 360 degrees of Mabini batangas... Link Video is the Best day of our life experience in Mt. Gulugod baboy... For sure you will enjoy at Mt. Gulugod baboy... Punta na po kayo! :D

    1. kumuha pa po ba kayo ng mga package or nag commute lang po ba kayo.. at meron po ba kayo nkuhang tour guide dun po?

    2. kumuha pa po ba kayo ng mga package or nag commute lang po ba kayo.. at meron po ba kayo nkuhang tour guide dun po?