Sunday, September 7, 2014

Human Nature's Balancing Facial Wash

I've been a Human Nature dealer for almost two years, and since then, this product that I'm about to review has been in my bathing essentials and I never use another facial wash.

Human Nature has three facial washes: hydrating, nourishing and balancing.

I tried them all, but I fell in love with the last one.
The product

For oily or combination skin, Balancing Facial Wash with Elemi and Orange is the answer. I have a naturally oily skin (whenever I don't apply powder), so this is a treat for me.

What I love about this is the elemi beads, which make the massaging onto face more enjoyable. It's what's make it a best seller, too - between the 3 variants, this is the only one with 'indicators', the other two are transparent, and that makes it hard to gauge how much they should apply.
Elemi beads as seen in the bottle

Elemi beads as seen in button-sized amount

Spreading the wash (without water)
It's also relieving to know that what I'm putting in my face is 100% no harmful chemicals and 98.5% natural. :)

100% No Harmful Chemicals, cruelty-free, and Made in the Philippines!

It's good for pimples, too. Whenever my period is near and my pimples attack, I just massage the area with pimples with this product a little bit longer.

I will not deny - Pond's (the green and the pink ones) facial foams have done a good job for my skin too, but I chose this Balancing Facial Wash over the former because it's less expensive. Regularly, it costs Php 79.75, but because I'm a Human Nature dealer, I got it for just Php 59. If I can have the same effect in a lower price, why would I buy the more expensive one, right? (Want to be a dealer too? Click here for info.)

Note: Shake before using. This is the one teeny tiny flaw of this product: when left standing for a long time, the beads and other white granules settle down the bottle, so it must be shaken regularly.

Have you tried this product, too? :)
For more info regarding Human Nature's products, click here. For orders and dealership assistance, click here, or comment in this blog :D.

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