Saturday, September 20, 2014

Between Lenses - Silence

Lovely collab. And not only are they great with their photos, they're great with words too! 

I've never joined a bloghop, so when I saw in The Life of Vee's blog that she joined one, I got excited and decided that I want to join too!

Between Lenses is a monthly bloghop, and for this month, the theme is silence.

Silence, for me, equates to calmness of the soul. But of course, sometimes, especially during arguments (citing this example due to experiences? lol), silence can mean a crumpled black speech balloon that can't be expressed in any form of sound - thus, silence.

But here, I present to you a photo of the former definition:

Fishing, seen in the tailings pond of Philex, after field work
 There's silence in
...the stillness of this (tailings) pond. I love how the reflection in the pond was formed.
...the calmness of mind while fishing.
...being with them - watching them, while also enjoying the comforting silence that only nature can give.

I love the waters, being born near one (a beach!), so I guess there will always be a feeling of familiarity and a need for self-reflection whenever I'm near one.

What's silence for you? Maybe you can join this bloghop initiated by Tara Victoria and oftreasandhues too!

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Thanks! All kisses for you!