Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Different shades of green in Benguet: Photoblog

It was not a sunny visit to Benguet, I must say. And because of that, I saw marvelous formations in nature that one can only get from this side of the country. Though I did not enjoy the weather (I was made for the beaches), I enjoyed my photos. :)
I hope you'll enjoy as well!
(It was an acad-related 2-day visit.)

On our way to Philex, we stopped for a while for me to take pictures.

When we arrived at Philex, the first stop to get samples. Trekking was required to go to the sampling location.
This was taken before the trek. Water droplets

Lovely tree hidden behind the fog. We had to wear raincoats because of the drizzle

In the middle of the trek.

There were many spiders like this in the path. Also, dragonflies. It was a grassy mountain.

Pambasan bridge

Bolok - Agno river confluence. I thought of American valley photos when I saw this. 

The tailings pond.

Fishing at the tailings pond. 

Lovely morning sight. But, swearworthy weather. 


Underground mine


  1. Great pictures. I love all the shot. bravo. :-)

  2. this pictures are breathtaking... i also love nature and im about to visit Benguet if i have a budget this year i also want to experience the Fog and background and the scenerie ....

  3. Thank you! Please do visit the place, it's majestic :D

  4. Favorite shot is the one of Pambasan bridge... :)

    I would scream if that spider crawled on me but it was a nice shot too.

    Philex Mines? I missed the cold weather of Benguet!