This is blog is open to product reviews, advertisements, promotional posts, etc.

Here are the details ttt


I accept product reviews.For me to review your product/s, I must receive a full size, non-returnable free sample of the product/s. I will do a review on the product within 2 weeks from the day I receive the item in the form of a blog post (with photos + links to sponsor's sites).

I would love to review any products, since it’s a personal blog, but I would love to review these products more:
1. Books and notebooks/journals
2. Beauty products especially skin care products
3. Coffee products

You will receive a 180x180 sidebar ad space. You may opt to provide a smaller sized ad.

Sidebar rates & duration are as follows :

Php 400 - 1 month
Php 1000 - 3 month
Php 1500 - 6 month
Php  2500 - 1 year

*prices subject to change without prior notice

I accept payments via BPI and BDO accounts ONLY.

Advertising guidelines are as follows :
1. No refunds.
2. Products ads are accepted.
3. Personal ads (e.g. blogs, soundcloud, youtube channel) are accepted.
4. Ads cannot be offensive on any race, culture, gender, sexual preference and/or disabilities, or any links that will lead to such sites.
5. No spam ads please.

I am looking forward to working with you!
If you have any more inquiries, feel free to email me at

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