Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Truth About Your Destructive Critics

For the girls who have guy friends, do you have one (or more, if you're as unlucky as me) that notices every physical flaw of his female friends, including yours? You know, the person that you won't like to see if you think you get fat or you have three pimples on your face or you have huge eye bags  because you're 97% sure that he'll notice it and will say it to your face? Worst, make a joke out of you because of it?

I'll tell you what. Don't listen to him. So what if it's true that you got bigger legs than some models or your face became oilier than usual, that doesn't make you ugly. He's just trying to lower down your confidence, trying to lower your self-esteem, thus your standards for finding a partner will lower too, because you don't deserve an over-appreciative boyfriend with all your thick brows, unperfect skin tone and hairy arms, hello. 

And in that way, he'll get a pretty fair chance to be one of those guys that you'll like. Or any one of your girl friends, for that matter. Because if he wouldn't do all the hurtful things that he does, he won't be noticed. He's insecure, so he makes every girl that he knows to be insecure of themselves too. He may not be conscious about this, but that's the way his brain works, subconsciously.*** All his miseries because of insecurities, he will share them with you - because he can, because he's good at it, and because it makes him look good. 

So before you got hurt on what he says, think about what I said. And think that they'll gonna bring down your confidence, and the best way to get even is to be more confident and beautiful. Because you ARE beautiful. *cue Christina Aguilera's song

*** I learned this info from a guy. This is what he said to me when I told him my about my angst. This is not my idea, but I believe in it.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Quezon: Padre Burgos and Borawan Photos

Padre Burgos Photos

Calming sight at Padre Burgos

Padre Burgos sand

View from Tamarind Tree Resort

View from Tamarind Tree Resort

Padre Burgos sand

On the way to Borawan

On the way to Borawan photos

Sunday, February 24, 2013

About Nokia Lumia

I'm not really into techie stuff, but I am really curious about Nokia Lumia because most of my techie friends are so loyal to it. They prefer their Lumias over their BBs and other phones (yes, they have multiple phones).
Here are fun facts about Lumia:

But if I would buy one, I would definitely buy at Abenson. Why? Because my boyfriend's company's experience at buying their appliances there is so good. Their staff is attentive to the buyers and their customer service is laudable.
Some fun facts about Abenson:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Extraordinary trip to Borawan + Tamarind Tree Resort Review

You know you had good last days of the year when you spent it travelling. It's definitely better when you're with your loved one. I did/have both, and it went from better to best because we were the only people who booked (on at in) the resort those two days.
[We were the only people who island hopped to Borawan too.]

My boyfriend J booked a one night/two days accommodation in Tamarind Tree Resort (they met at Makati for reservation) two weeks before.

I was rather doubtful of the dates because I feared that there would be lack of transportation, but thankfully it was all in vain. Apparently Dec 30 - Jan 2 are some of the busiest days of drivers.

So on December 30, I rode the legendary non-aircon Supreme bus from Batangas City grand terminal to Aria, Quezon, then rode another bus there to go to the Lucena Grand Terminal,where I would meet J, who came from Cavite naman. The Batangas - Lucena trip took more than 3h because  too many passengers loaded and unloaded the bus.

J reserved a hut for two near the beach for P2040. It has aircon, two foams and pillows, and a bathroom. I wouldn't say it's a comfort room because it is made simple - just for bath room needs. It lacked hooks for clothings, nice flooring, and it's not inside the hut; we should go outside of the hut first to have an access to it, which is rather a hassle during the night.

We paid extra P550 for three meals. It may sound too expensive and I did think it was when I didn't see the food yet, but believe me, it's not. They remembered the GoGrowGlow of 90s DOH in every meal that they served, and the servings are for totally hungry people.

We also paid P800 to the resort person for our morning trip to Borawan. They took charge to hire a boat person at the barangay.

So we then put down our things on the windows-turned-cabinets in the hut and immediately went to the beach after.
Outside our hut



The name of our room. Very appropriate.

It was cloudy but it was still a nice sight. It was a calm high tide. We didn't swim that time; we just enjoyed the sand, the quiet surroundings and each other.

Padre Burgos sand

They served the dinner at 7:00 pm, with Celine Dion songs. There's about 5 songs on loop, and they played it every meal, thus the theme song of the trip - "My Heart Will Go On".

Dinner: Some fish that looks like a white tilapia, pinakbet, pineapple slices (not in the picture), a mound of rice.
With my pogi friend.

After a heavy and hearty meal, we stayed near the pool. I intended to swim but because the pool was not cleaned (we saw insects swimming there), we just talked until we couldn't take the mosquito bites anymore.

Candlelight drinking session FTW
We then decided to drink, because what good is a getaway without drinking? We set up the table overlooking the sea. J asked the resort person if it's possible to light the torches but he said that there's not gas so he just gave us a candle. And viola, we had a candlelight drinking session, while Jack Johnson sang through J's phone. We were also waiting for the sky to clear up because when J first went there (2010), he was amazed by the Milky Way.

But alas, the weather did not cooperate so we went to bed early (around 9 pm). But we read 100 Love Poems: Philippine Love Poetry Since 1905 (my Christmas gift to him) first because we're romantic like that. :)
THE book for romantics.

We woke up at past 7 am, so our breakfast was ready when we went at the dining area. I was so hungry that time that I forgot to bring my camera, but the breakfast consisted of bananas, instant coffee, and silog (I forgot what silog it was).

We then had our morning trip to Borawan (more pics here!).
Walking towards the bangka. It was lowtide so  the boat was parked far from the resort.

It was still cloudy but we were a bit lucky to have glimpses of the sun during the trip.

But look, a rainbow! It's a lucky day after all.
Borawan viewed from the boat.

We had the island for ourselves. We only saw people riding boats and 'harvesting' shrimps.
It rained there. Good thing we found a 'lair' so we stayed there during the rain. Jack Johnson sang for us again. His voice is totally made for beach-bumming background.
Ako sa Borawan! Yee!

Borawan panorama

Borawan sand

We stayed there till 10:30 am.
It was raining during our boat ride to P Burgos but that didn't stop Manong from touring us around the two islands which can be viewed in P. Purgos shores.
The two islands: viewed from Tamarind Tree Resort

One of the islands: Up close 

Still that one island. It rained a little harder when we got near the other one so I didn't have a photo of the island with a house on top of it.

We then had our lunch, still hearty as ever, with two viands and softdrinks.

Then we took pictures of ourselves using the tripod initially intended for the Milky way.
That's our first shot. Trial session for the tripod+cam. XD
After the camwhoring, it's time to say bye-bye to the resort. We definitely had a good time. (Though it could be improved by a little general cleaning by the resort.) :) I would love to go there again with friends, to visit the other islands, Dampalitan and Puting Buhangin. :)

Mini bus from the resort to Lucena terminal

Here are the other photos of the breathtaking Quezon.

Tamarind Tree Resort Review Summary:
Service - 

Ambiance - 
Cleanliness - 
Price -