Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Truth About Your Destructive Critics

For the girls who have guy friends, do you have one (or more, if you're as unlucky as me) that notices every physical flaw of his female friends, including yours? You know, the person that you won't like to see if you think you get fat or you have three pimples on your face or you have huge eye bags  because you're 97% sure that he'll notice it and will say it to your face? Worst, make a joke out of you because of it?

I'll tell you what. Don't listen to him. So what if it's true that you got bigger legs than some models or your face became oilier than usual, that doesn't make you ugly. He's just trying to lower down your confidence, trying to lower your self-esteem, thus your standards for finding a partner will lower too, because you don't deserve an over-appreciative boyfriend with all your thick brows, unperfect skin tone and hairy arms, hello. 

And in that way, he'll get a pretty fair chance to be one of those guys that you'll like. Or any one of your girl friends, for that matter. Because if he wouldn't do all the hurtful things that he does, he won't be noticed. He's insecure, so he makes every girl that he knows to be insecure of themselves too. He may not be conscious about this, but that's the way his brain works, subconsciously.*** All his miseries because of insecurities, he will share them with you - because he can, because he's good at it, and because it makes him look good. 

So before you got hurt on what he says, think about what I said. And think that they'll gonna bring down your confidence, and the best way to get even is to be more confident and beautiful. Because you ARE beautiful. *cue Christina Aguilera's song

*** I learned this info from a guy. This is what he said to me when I told him my about my angst. This is not my idea, but I believe in it.

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