Sunday, March 3, 2013

My All-Natural Kikay Kit

I was never thrilled to buy trivial things (things that I could live without. things for OC purposes) like wallet, pouch, bra, extra clothes and shoes, etc - you got my point. But this time, I like to present to you my self-modified pouch aka kikay kit!
This is made from the plain brown pouch I got as a prize from one of the games in our ASTE Christmas party, the panty-like clothing is from already-too-tight dress, and the buttons are from my dear mother's sewing kit. I'm proud of this because this is the first time that I made something personalized that I can carry in public. I tried personalized pants and shirts but I wear them only inside our house. 

Of course, a kikay kit without contents is just a pouch. Before, my 'beauty gadgets' were all courtesy of my mother dear. But since I heard of Human Nature and what their products are made of (raw materials from Philippines, organic, skin-friendly), I got curious and try one product. But after being satisfied with it, I tried one product after another, until my kikay kit consist of solely HN products

Presenting the contents of my kikay kit...

The foundation refill was replaced by a non-refill already (read: SALE).

The first one that I tried is the tinted lip balm. I got the darkest shade - Flame Tree. What I like the most about this lip balm is its not-intimidating tint. It's not so dark that I will feel evil-looking and it's not too red that I will feel bitchy. Also, before, I used the lipstick-lip balm combo, but with HN lip balm, I don't need a lipstick anymore. 

Lip Balm + Lip Gloss Combo really love the tinted lip balm - lip gloss combo. 

I also got the darkest shade for the lip gloss - Island Berry. It has minimal tint so it just accentuates the lip balm' color - it cannot be depended for its own tint if you want one. But definitely expect moist from this product. This is so effective for my cracked lips that I seldom have bloody lipped (due to removal of loosed lip skins) problems anymore.

I used a liquid blush on before, but my problem with it was that it smell bad, like an 'bulok' chemical mixed with 'tubal' clothes. Plus I saw what it's made of, and most of the harmful chemicals listed in HN's magalogues (parabens, etc) are there. That's why when Rosy Cheeks went out on sale, I bought many. And it's a good buy because I don't have to apply heavy amounts to see its color. Plus it doesn't smell bad and it's all-natural. 

A special addition to my kikay kit is the Toffee foundation. It's on sale - buy one, get a free refill - until March 8 so buy one now. :) PM me if you want to purchase. :) I had a Orient Pearl refill before and I love its shade and how I apply it less seldom than if I use a normal powder, though it's still whiter than my skin tone so I have to be extra careful on applying it so that I will not look like an espasol.

Here's one side of my face with lip balm, lip gloss, a hint of blush on and Pearl Orient foundation applied  to it.

Anyway, when I found out that the Toffee shade is on sale, I bought one. I tried their tip on how to apply it, and it works wonders to my face. 
What I really love about this shade is that it caters the Filipina women who are browner in tone than Westerners. That is lacking to other lines of beauty products that originate from the West. We brown-skinned Asians are lucky to have HN and their Asian loving products. 


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