Friday, May 10, 2013

Cool Beans Cafe at Maginhawa St. UP Village (updated! :D)

(At long last, I visited Cool Beans again! This time, they're no longer in soft opening mode. See my update below the original blog. :D )

Been dreaming of having a coffee shop with a mini library inside? Cool Beans Cafe (FB page here) just made it come true for you! Located at Maginhawa St., they had their soft opening last April 2013. J and I tried it last April 22, and  we loved the experience!
Menu (Still costing)

We ordered two Kalinga roast coffee - mine without syrup and J's with Hazelnut syrup (additional Php20). We sat on a comfy couch on a tableset for 4+ because it's near the books.
My coffee :3

The place, having a theme of Northern Philippines, is cozy. It's best for studying, especially because the ambiance does not  invite loud conversations. It is also a good dating place; if you lack conversation topics, just pick a book and you're good to go. :)

They had an amazing collection - with books about Marcos, graphic novels, arts, bestsellers (S.Collins, G.R.R Martin, Pratchett, Tolkien), a book about the history of beer in the Philippines, and Bro Code, among others. They also had this National Geographic magazines corner. (How cool is that place?)

We were fixated on this one red book (Icelandic) entitled "Should You Be Laughing At This?" by Hugleikur Dagsson. The book is out of this world. I think it would be a blast if we read it while being drunk. And I love the fact that they had two copies of it. :D

Their playlist (with Sigur Ros songs which J loves so much) enhanced the awesome ambiance that it had.

Can't wait to have coffee there again! :)


UPDATE! After n years, I visited Cool Beans again! 
I missed you!

After their soft opening, they're jam packed whenever I passed by, so I haven't got the chance to visit until one Saturday afternoon. 

The final menu (see the list here).
I ordered Philly Cheesesteak, Kalinga Roast and Balikutsa :)

Brunch. NOM.

Kalinga roast. 
Can't stand drinking coffee with cream, so I bought balikutsa (only Php5 each). Waaaay better than coffeemate. Warning: Addictive.

The food was amazing! The prices are reasonable especially when you're going to stay there to read (because we don't want to rob them with customer space, don't we?)

And, my, their library grew larger! I picked a Terry Pratchett because every sentence of his book is hilarious.

They already have their own book classification :3
Truly LOL'ed reading this. Must have a copy of Equal Rites ASAP.

I was alone when I went there so I couldn't stay for a little longer (I always have this feeling of hogging the seats when I stay at a cafe after I finished eating). I will need to go back there, this time with friends, so I could finish the book. :) 

I think they need to have larger space to accommodate more books...and more customers, of course. ;)

This helps, though.
Gods I love this place! <3

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  1. I should check this out when I go to my daughter's resto Samu Eats at the nearby street so we can have a nice afternoon with coffee and reading.

    1. You really should. :D Hope you'll have a good time there!