Friday, May 24, 2013

Lab Colors

Last semester, I took a laboratory subject which is required for all Environmental Engineering students. Because it would add more stress if I didn't force ourselves to have a good time, and because they're beautiful, I (along with my groupmate) 'played' with the solution preparation a bit. We put the higher dye concentration dropwise to water in preparing lower dye  concentrations, thus letting us capture the dye's slow movement of mixing with distilled water.

Reactive Red 141


All UV-Vis users create waste after reading their samples, and most of them (really, the undergrads. I KNOW their samples, thus I now their wastes) leave their wastes near the equipment. After some time, I noticed  that there's an icky smell in that corner where they are, and that there were molds growing on top of them. I ignored the smell and took pictures of these icky beauties. 

Pretty cool, right? :)

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