Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lessons learned after the election period 2013

Lessons learned after the election period 2013:

  •  My vote will count only if I let the majority of the voters to know my vote - if I pursuade them into voting for them too.
  •  I wasted time thinking who to fill my 12 bets even though I already want 5 sure senatorial candidates to win (which are not at the top 12 aotm). If those wasted times were spent gathering votes for those five, I would have gave them a chance to beat the others.
  •  The 'thinking class of the Philippines' who bashes Binay in the internet is a minority. Their votes do not count as much as the they think it does. Not until their voices will be heard by the 'not so much of a thinker' class, which do not have access to internet, so
  •  Internet bashing is not that useful in this case. Not until it is heard by the majority of the voters.
  •  There's no Christian vote. Eddie Villanueva did not make it to the cut.
  •  Television is powerful. So I hope it should be a lesson to Vice Ganda; she should campaign for her senatorial candidates earlier next time. I hope she's famous still on 2016 (Most of her bets are my bets too).

This should serve as a lesson for me, and I hope for the others in the internet world too. We should not set aside the majority of the voters who do not meticulously choose for their government officials, who stick to the common names because they are common. LEt's hope for a better 2016 elections, with us using all our powers to have a more intelligent majority voters.

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