Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tea Places in Maginhawa St.

I was a milk tea shop hopper in Maginhawa St. for four months now, and I must say I have my favorites. To tell the truth, I sometimes don't go there for the tea, but for other things... :) These are my picks:

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They have the friendliest staff, plus it's open until 12. I love to order green tea (with no mix) there when I'm feeling less of a sweet tooth. 
They also have the steadiest wifi connection and you can plug your laptops free of charge. They're popular though so the place can easily get full. I'm almost there everyday. XD
Summary: Best for wifi lovers.

from http://adf.ly/R5eB0

What I really love here is their chewy pearls. Be afraid not of eating powdery pearls there ever. It's a must try. Plus they have the coziest interior and seats. :) 
I would have visited them more often if not for their lack of wifi connection. 
But if you want a variety of choices for drinks (they have coffee and lost of milk tea flavors), you're in for a treat.
Summary: Best for pearl lovers.

Tea Please
Jasmine green with coffee jelly

The most tea-flavored tea of them all is in Tea Please. Meaning, it's the least diluted (that's what I think though). :) 
It also has the cheapest regular tea (P35 for a medium sized basic tea). What I usually order here is basic jasmine tea with coffee jelly. They have internet connection, though it's a bit moody. You must be there at the right time. I also love their Cake Middleton. Actually, I adore it. Truly for a sweet tooth. 
Summary: Best for tea lovers.

What's your favorite tea place/ Maginhawa restaurant? Let me know their best dish. :)

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