Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Human Nature's Sunscreen: SAFEBLOCK

It’s summer time, lovelies!
The kids and I had our first summer beach swim for this year at our dear Ilijan shore because 
we can’t afford (time- and money- wise) to go to a resort yet. 
And because the heat was scorching as ever, we had to protect our skin.
We used Human Nature’s SAFEBLOCK, a 100% natural sunscreen which not only protects 
our skin, but also protects the coral reefs from the chemical products that an ordinary 

While applying, I noticed that it didn’t smell like other sunscreen that I used before. It has a light sweet smell that didn’t irritate my allergic nose.
Flowing; squeezing should be gentle to get the amount you need
50 ml – easy to handle/pack for travel
200 ml –too big, even for a family. I think 100 ml would be just right
Leaves white marks that were characteristic of the product. Should be applied thinly.

We spent an hour staying under the sun and pseudo-swimming. We felt the effects of using sunblock because we didn’t have sun burn or felt our skin redden. It’s amazing! We didn’t even reapply. 

Here are the ABCs of Safeblock:

Know more about the product here.

I've been using SAFEBLOCK for my face everyday, and it's effective!

I recommend this sunscreen to everyone! :)

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