Friday, April 25, 2014

Finds: Cheap Children's Books

I started loving children's books when my brother Sam came out of this world. I really want to have a book buddy in the family so I need to give him books as early as ever. 

I also have a dozen goddaughters and godsons (literally) so I found a way to influence a group of people to be as bookish as I am wahahaha!

And because I'm forever a cheapskate, this green store is a magnet


I went to their Alphaland branch and slumped to browsed the children's books section until I found these precious stuff:

I bought them for just P 5 each! I'm still so happy as I type this!

Take a good look at them:

Beautiful beautiful things.
There are lots of P 5 books there but I chose those, carefully. I want the kids to read awesome stuff, so they'll want more.

The jewel of the seven, for me, is Lettice. Because glitters.
It's also the most brand new looking of all. The cute illustrations will also make a kid stare harder and spend more time with this book. I did.

 The last book above I bought for P 20. I was attracted to it because when I was in elementary, eye illusions were s hit. But the books are expensive. Our library has several of them, but I was not bully enough (yes, sadly. Can't believe it myself too.) to hoard them every library time. 

Do you know any bookstores aside from booksale that has many preloved children's books? Or do you have finds like these also?
Tell me in the comments section please. :D

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