Sunday, April 27, 2014

Animorphs 30 Day Challenge: Day 28 - Ellimist or Crayak

Day Twenty-Eight: The Ellimist or Crayak?
The Crayak (image from the link).
Image from the link.

I can't choose Crayak. He's scary and bullies Jake. He made Howlers (which is a fantastic creature added in the list of 'wtf ftw monsters in fiction' by the way. You rock, K.A. Applegate), who were programmed to look at murder as a game. 

Plus I don't get his point - why would he want to destroy everything just to rule the ultimate species? Why would he want to rule the species who could be so destructive (I'm speculating here that they would be.) that they could kill each other in the long run? What would he do/create with these creatures anyway?

So I'll pick the Ellimist.

Who would you pick?

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