Monday, August 11, 2014

Book Lover's Day

Browsed FB yesterday and found out that August 9 is Book Lover's Day. 
Unknowingly and belatedly, we, my boyfriend and I, 'celebrated' it on Sunday (August 10) by conversing about Ursula Le Guin's Earth Sea, Happy Potter, and Terry Pratchett's Discworld! 

I researched (googled) on the significance of August 9 in history and its correlation to the celebration, but didn't find a thing. It was said so here, too. 

The best part of my Sunday was this:
Gosh, I can't believe how happy I was to receive a book. I was giddy like a kid with an ice cream. Thank gods for 'giving' me a book lover boyfriend. 

How about you, how did you celebrate Book Lover's Day? :) Share it with us on the comments section below. ;)
I hope this book-giving thing will be a 'tradition' every Book Lover's Day! :)

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