Saturday, August 2, 2014

Book Shelfie

I'm in love with books and I can't hide it.
Thus the shelfie!
Note: I may be too overwhelmed while typing this blog because my excitement over books are not containable. 

Some of my books are not here, but still. Yey! Shelfie!

My Animorphs collection!
 This collection is so dear to me. I'm an Animorphs fan since first year high school (that I even did an Animoprhs 30-day challenge) and have been hunting book shops and book sales to complete the 54 books. So far I only have less than 10 books to find. This series has a lot of influence to my life, plus, it gave me my longest lasting relationship with a book character ever - yes, Marco and I are still together. No, I'm not a creep. Anyway, for more feels, feel free to read this reaction to the ending. 
Also, for all the series readers out there, I recommend this one! 


Where my favorite books are. Wait. There is no favorite in books.

The Dapitan Correspondence, Anthology of Poems and New Poems in Filipino (projects of Marcos era) - those are the supposed highlights of this row. But in truth, all of them are. 
I was in deep relationship with myself while reading The Art of Happiness and How to Win Friends and Influence People. 
From 'Tis to Call it Sleep are my Php10. And they were good picks. 
From Personal to Island, and some Neil Gaiman books, are given to me by my lovely boyfriend. 
And if I can command people, I would command the young readers to read Artemis Fowl. Great series too. 

My shameless plugging. XD
Continuation of second row: My Neil Gaimans. I love him. 
And then there are my UP Press books, Smaller and Smaller Circles, Lacaba (forgot the title) and One Hundred Love Poems (Bought 2, gave one to my bf. Totally used for luring-my-bf purposes lol). Of course they're bought on sale. :) Great picks I might say. :) 
Rio Alma's a gift from a friend. :)
SANDMAN. I started to read graphic novels because of Sandman. I read this online before, but unfortunately the site's down already, so I have no choice but to buy them all. I failed my classes because I couldn't wake up early from reading this. Don't be obsessed like that, guys.


2/3 are still to-be-read
I love the thrill of buying preloved books, thus the books that are yet to be read. From left, to Albuquerque. 
Then comes Tales of Power by Carlos Castaneda. It is the last book of four, and it's the only book that I've read, but it's still a good read. It's a unique read for me.
The Bob Ongs and Ricky Lees - the light Filipino reads (compared to F. Sionil Jose).
From Bronte to Scrabble are books given to me by many people. Thank you very much! I hope that they'll never be tired of giving me books. Please. 
Storm of Swords - my favorite of the series so far. I pray to all gods that GRRM will be alive until the very last book. And that he'll be able to write many novels afterwards.

 My big books! 'Instructions' is a graduation/birthday gift from my boyfriend! He loves me. 
Notice: I don't own a full set of series. (YET for Animoprhs)
I remember buying Harry Potter and Mockingjay just because I didn't want any spoilers. 
On top are some of the children's books that I will give to my inaanakis on Christmas. Mahirap lang kaya second-hand, but it's the thought that counts.


There. The spazz is over. Please please please share me your shelfie too! Comment your shelfie link below. :) I would love to have more book bffs! :)


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