Monday, June 9, 2014

Animorphs 30 Day Challenge: Ending

Day 30: Thoughts on the ending 

Right after I finished the book, this was my reaction:

The ending sucks.I need fucking closure; why couldn't she just give it to me??? I hate what happened to Ax... I can take it if this is ASOIAF because I already anticipated it. But to Animorphs and to an Animorph, it kills my feels! My feels are all over my days and I can't function, not until I find a good fan fiction that saves Ax from that The One. And Jake... starting from when Cassie gave the cube to Tom, I'm disturbed on why he couldn't forgive himself and move on. From then on, my mind is wondering if Marco should be thrown out of my most favorite character ever and replace him with Jake. (But seriously, Marco, if you ever happened to be alive, IRL, please I need to know you.) I'm not even starting on Tobias here.  
Oh Tobias. The world created by Applegate was never for you. Come here, let me hug you. Was he never meant to be happy? I suppose so.Yes, yes, Applegate is such a great author to generate many feels from me and other fans (goodreads). Yes, the whole series is AWESOME in so many ways. For readers who can take new things as positive, this is a goddamn good ending. But I'm not, as of now. Lacking of self-help books still, I'm selfish. I need closure. So, 4 out of 5 if I'll consider myself. But as a general reader, damn, this is perfect.
But after I read K.A. Applegate's explanation re ending, I calmed down and admit that it is indeed a good way to end a war story. The characters' wounds that hurt us readers so much are portrayed perfectly. It made me think that Rachel's better off dead because she can't survive all her wounds after. You can never love wars after reading this, and that's the goal. 

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