Monday, June 2, 2014

Finds: Cheap Children's Books Part II

I am so happy for my friends Teacher Wang and Teacher Rej for being part of Teach for the Philippines
I attended one of their presentations and I really like their mission and vision for our dear country (follow the link for more info)

That's why when I saw Teacher Wang's request for books (and other things like coloring books, coloring materials, manila papers, erasers, etc), I sent her a message instantly!

I truly believe that books can shape one's mind, so I grabbed the chance. Thing is, I'm not rich enough to buy brand new ones, so I went to Booksale Alphaland branch to get me some Php5 books!

I found some Php 5 treasure but I also found good ones worth Php 10 (and one worth Php70), so I have to buy them too. Actually there are many good ones worth >5 but, yeah.

Here are the precious ones:
Poems for Two Voices - This would be perfect for an English class. 

Night at the Museum Spot the Difference - Because books can be fun with pictures, too.

Yoyo book - Tricks! Everyone loves yoyo tricks.

Mad Libs - For the kids to have fun with words! 
I like this book because of the image below

:) The kids would know the meaning of the words because of the story! I love it!

Winnie the Pooh. Because Winnie the Pooh :)

Look at the artwork! That's why I bought ...

Angelina's Halloween

Golden Compass - Hoping that they'll love the plot and read the whole book

Secrets of the Alchemist Dar - Fantasy is what I really loved when I was young. Actually, up until now. And this book has loads of it.

I like it here at school - Easy-to-read and relatable poems are inside... this one

Catch Jo's Cat - This is like Where's Waldo. And I love Where's Waldo when I was a kid. Had to buy this instead of WW because of the price difference XD

This is the Php 70 book. Booksale knows how to price their items. Bought it because I know it's hard to draw sea creatures.

Remember the Alamo - For the kids to know that wars are dumb. :P

Enjoyed hunting for these books! Feel free to comment if you also want to donate! :D

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