Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vargas Museum: "The Crux of Things" by Ernest Concepcion and "Filipino Myths and Legends" by CANVAS

Thanks to Facebook events, I had the chance to attend the opening of 2 exhibits in Vargas Museum on June 17 namely "The Crux of Things" by Ernest Concepcion and "Filipino Myths and Legends" by CANVAS.

I was 'invited' by the tarps around the Acad Oval which are like snippets of the exhibition by 

One of the enticing tarps. More enticing are the photos of the artworks!
 I'm so glad that I went to the exhibit because the artworks are truly more awesome and enchanting in person. 
On my way 

THE Museum
 Filipino Myths and Legends

Dalag ang ina

Had to stare at it for a long time to get the message XD

This artwork is one of the most contemplated in the gallery. You have to see it to enjoy its beauty.

Bathala by Dave Lock. Loved this. Can't stare at it long enough because it's a little bit creepy.

The Philippine Remembrall! First time I knew about her, and I really want every Filipino to know this goddess.

Caption for the painting below. MUST learn Visayan Myth!
Magyawen  (Goddess of the Sea and the Underworld) by Liza Flores


Mishaps in the Forest by Jim Orencio. One of my favorites.

The Crux of Things

As was stated in the description, 'the exhibit connects with the nature of pseudo religions and myths'. I would love every Filipino to see this for enlightenment. :)

WTF Christ


The Apparition

Made of shaving cream! Amazeballs!

Divine Intervention. I love what it's trying to say. Rrr, I'm a fan now, Sir Ernest Concepcion.

I'm encouraging you, too, to visit for pure awesomesauce with lots of culture appreciation~! It is worth it, I tell you.

The museum is open Tuesdays-Saturdays, 9:00am-5:00pm. 
Contact details: 928-1927 or

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