Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Money Talks: Financial advantage of being a Human Nature dealer

Hola blogfriends! 
I've been a Human Nature dealer for almost two years now - and I've never been inactive. Now I ask myself why - what did I sign up for? What are my benefits?

I did a little research and some calculations, and voila!  Here's a table of product prices from Human Nature, compared to the usual products that we use(d) at home:

While there's less discount at some products like shampoo and soap, we could still get discounts overall. Plus, if you're a diligent dealer, you can get higher discount (up to 30%). I had up to 27.5% discount once. 
It just means that it pays off that I cut the middleman (like supermarkets) and become a dealer, because I save lots.

It's a good feeling to save, y'all.

Not only that, there are lots of plus points on why it's good to switch to Human Nature. Here are some of the reasons (coming from their website):

  • Here's the company's mision: '...sustainably build a global company which will showcase the best of the Philippines and uplift all our people, especially the poor through providing affordable, quality, natural products.'
  • They have partnerships with Gawad Kalinga to build homes and help farmers to be more efficient in their craft by having products in which 100% of the profit that come from it will be for the benefit of GK (e.g. Bug Shield)
  • The products are ORGANIC. Great way to have a healthier lifestyle. :)

Want to become a dealer, too? Here's the link to the form. :) 
(Shameless link, I know. But I need to do it. :D)

Dealer terms are here.
Still have questions? Don't hesitate to ask by commenting below. :)

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