Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Financial Journey: Constant Learning

For some time, I was quite obsessed in learning about stocks, investments and other financial services.

This started when my dad told us about Bo Sanchez's book - My Maid Invests in the Stock Market. I've read it n times because it has many lessons on so many levels of a Filipino's life.

Anyway, my dad decided to open a colfinancial account after, and he urged us to do so too. I can't remember too well where I got my 5k minimum seed money to open an account, but I had it so my sister and I opened accounts, too, after months of seeing that my dad's stocks were gaining. 

Hi there business sections
Of course, I had to make a little research on what stocks to buy. And while 'researching', I stumbled upon a Facebook note regarding market updates. (There, I learnt that infrastructure companies are the way to go as of the moment.) At the end of the update, it said that if I want to know more, just PM him. I did, and it turned out to be a free seminar on "How to Build A Solid Financial Foundation" by WFMA (World Financial Marketing Alliance).

It was a life-changing seminar for me. It opened my eyes about the key difference of the nouveau riche (newly rich) and the bourgeois: they know how money works. And the former, the people who worked hard to be rich, will never pass their riches to the next generation if they don't get the financial education that the bourgeois has. 

And that's the mission of WFMA, to help families achieve financial independence and to reach out to the people who are not being reached out by conventional financial services industries, like the masses. 
Example: There are 2 men inside a bank: one has Php 10k and the other one has Php 10M, who do you think will be more accommodated? The answer's the P10M man. But in the Philippines, how many men have P10k and how many have P10M?

WFMA's vision is to revolutionize the financial services industry, that even the P10k man can have the financial services that the P10M man has.

As soon as I grasp the idea that they aim to educate as many Filipinos as possible to have more families to become financially independent, I wanted to become part of it too. 
See, they aim to eradicate one's independence to padala galing abroad, utang, and sustento. I love to see my country free of it!

Also, they conduct other seminars to broaden one's knowledge about the market, other ways to invest, differences/advantages of life/VUL insurances, and so on. That's why I found my home there where I can learn abundantly. 


If you happen to be interested on attending such seminars, please feel free to contact me at 0922-24-25334 or 0915-316-59-46. (Seminar locations: Makati, Lipa Batangas, Cavite City, Baguio City and Pampanga. If located far from here, meeting arrangements can be made, too!)

Meanwhile, I'll share this video for everyone (including me) to contemplate to:

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