Sunday, November 9, 2014

Reaction: Abra and Julie Anne San Jose's Dedma

Browsing Facebook, I fortunately stumbled into this music video by Abra and Julie Anne San Jose's Dedma.

I was so shocked by how ballsy the lyrics are. Here are some verses:
Punto, san patungo ang relihiyon?
Sa katapusan ba ng mundo o sa Panginoon?
Ba’t ganun?
That's why it sparked comments regarding atheism, although that's really not the point of the song.
What I loved about the lyrics are:
[1] it made the listeners think and reflect about this country, and
[2] the topic is something that most of the mainstream artists would not delve into because of the negative association.

This is what we need right now - something to think about regarding our current situation. OPM is infested with love songs that have repetitive lyrics already - what they sing about have been sung better by Ariel Rivera, Basil Valdez, etc. Those lyrics made us think that love is the only thing there is, but it's obviously not.

If Dedma will become as famous and as mainstream as, say, Sirena by Gloc9, which is as good as this (or better), I will be as happy as f***. It will be one of the best moments of OPM this 2014.

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