Saturday, December 29, 2018

A glimpse of a college instructor's Christmas

Starting December 1, most people were already preparing for Christmas. Malls were getting busier, traffic was becoming heavier as the spirit of giving became mandatory for some.

Example of this events where giving is required are the Kris Kringle and Exchange Gifts. As adults, most exchange gifts are accompanied by a wish list - we don't want to receive any useless stuff. 

My wish list contained things that I want to buy but I don't have time to do so:
  • foot socks
  • flash drive
  • mini SD
  • BB cream

Those things are for personal use. I was thinking about what I want, what I can use. That's why I was surprised when I saw what my other co-instructors listed. 

At least 3 of them listed whiteboard markers and ink.

They asked for the supplies that should be given by the company.

What does that say about the Philippine education?

1. Supplies are not enough, or are not distributed well. 2/3 of those who wished for markers were lecturers: term for part-time instructors. They only work during the weekends, thus they cannot ask for markers in the Dean's office because of its office hours. This can be easily remedied by allocating at least 2 markers for every lecturer per week. But they don't. That's why I initially concluded that supplies aren't enough.

* I'm a full-time instructor and I ask for 2 markers a week. However, I bought refiilable markers and ink because most of the time, 2 isn't enough. I taught Math and a marker can be used up in one session only. In my opinion, 5 markers per instructor is a good conservative estimate for a smooth and interactive Math class.

2. Most of the instructors are passionate about teaching, that they even wish to receive things that they can use to further improve their way of educating student. It's good to have this burning passion, and I plead the higher ups anywhere, to please not exploit it. Please do not put their flames out by not giving them proper incentives, working conditions, and at the very least, supplies.

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