Thursday, December 27, 2018

Communication DOES NOT Matter in Poon's Relationship Matters

Being an interpet personality is not so easy. You must always think of the audience. If you have a PG content, you must not curse, or else, criticisms will pour. 

That's why when I watched Relationship Matters' video about long distance relationship (LDR), I immediately messaged them. 


Because they're spreading ideas that when accumulated in the heads of young people, it will come out as misogynistic. Also, it's belittling men's capability to control themselves. 

Maricar: And this is the need that women might not understand fully kasi hindi tayo lalaki e. Iba talaga ang need nila for that.
Poon: 99.99... % ng LDR nagloloko one of the partners, or both. ...
Pero I'll be honest, alam ng mga lalaking nakatune in. Baka di na ever namin aminin yung mga sexual escapades namin.
Maricar: Dito mas lalamang ng onti ang babae kasi mas matiisin by nature...

We're in the 21st century. Everyone has the means to satisfy oneself. Hindi lang mga lalaki ang gumagawa nito. And when we're still pushing the agenda that men are more sexually active than women, which is busted by many researchers already (read here, here, here, and here), we're trying to still hinder women to satisfy their needs. It might not be evident now, but in the long run, it will be. 
(Fun challenge: Ask women how well they know their vaginas and boobs. Then, ask men how well they know their penises. Marvel in how they answer.)

So, how did they reply? Behold.


Firstly, they did not address the problem. If based on statistics, what they were addressing is true, go on and proclaim the word of LDR. But that's not what I was pointing out. I pointed out that the way they presented it felt like women's lust aren't valid. THERE LIES THE PROBLEM. The fact that you have 17 years in counseling doesn't answer the way you mishandled the information.
Dismissing the question is not a valid answer.
It's comparable to Imee Marcos' video on whether she's a Princeton graduate. See the spectacle here.

For the second point, here's the 2nd part of their answer:
Check, out the last part. 
This is why I think that they don't value communication.
I reached out; what did they do?
They condemned me for having other opinion, and closed the conversation.
They tried to win.
They did not even hear what I was saying.

It's an immature move. Parang nasa comments section lang ako. So disappointing, coming from them.

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