Wednesday, January 29, 2014

52-Week Money Challenge ~ with a twist (EASY-EDIT TEMPLATE INCLUDED)

I had to jump into the bandwagon. 

Yes, I'm also doing the 52-week money challenge! :D
Yes, I don't want to put the money in a jar because the bills would be crumpled.

I started last week of December, with a minimum of Php 25 increments. It's one of the lowest starting point, but I really want to finish this so I had to choose the safest starting point for me. 

(Want to start at different starting value? Here's a template for you! Download it (it will be downloaded as Excel), change '25' to your desired value ~everything else will change~, aaand start saving! You're welcome! :D)

I started 'right' during my first two weeks, but decided to give the rules a twist. Because I have money left on my third week, I checked the Php250 week: the new goal now is to cross out all 52 weeks. :) 
Cheating? I don't think so. I just don't want to spend the extra money on something forgettable and not budget-related. :) 

My reasons for doing this challenge are:

  1. I miss having a DSLR so much,and a budgeting plan is needed for me to have another one.  [I 'drowned' my last camera] 
  2. I want to train myself to save constantly.
  3. I want to 'see' where my extra money will go. I have these little extra earnings coming from load (Globe and Sun) and being a Human Nature dealer (this helps me save a lot in my monthly grocery for toiletries too). Plus I signed up to these money-generating social media campaigns/ads like Churpchurp (you can join too here!), Nuffnang and adfly (you can also join here).  
  4. I know I have valuable stuff that I don't use, so this challenge pushes me to sell them already. 

I'm on my sixth week now, and so far, so good. :)

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Happy saving!

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