Friday, January 3, 2014

Planner 2013: Realizations

It's the time of the year again to have a new planner, thus the rereading of the old one(s). (s) --- this is because I had two planners for 2013.

Aaaand it was a mess. I had two planners for 2012 and it was good, but it didn't do well for me last year. So I resolve to have only one this year. I got my first ever Starbucks planner, and I'm very contented with it, thank gods.

Anyway, as I was browsing my first planner, I realized that my 2013 was a year of diversions. I indulged in watching movies especially indie films (such as Amor Y Muerte, Sana Dati, Lihis, Atraco... I do not consider myself a movie buff so this is new to me), I read a LOT of self-help books/articles/blogs (basically became a victim of epiphany addiction), and attended too many seminars.

I did not check status, unlike last last year, when I had '3 new things I did during the day'.

I did not reread my planners from time to time, and with my forgetfulness, that is not healthy.

These realizations should serve as lessons for handling this year.
Plan to succeed, self!

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