Friday, January 17, 2014

Animorphs 30 Day Challenge: Day 8/9

Day 8: TV series
It's sad to admit but I haven't watched an episode, clips or even gif of the TV series. Not since this challenge. 

I only looked it up because of Shawn Ashmore - I had a crush on him when he played Iceman in X-Men. But I did not indulge on his Animorphs stint. I'm cool with him (his physical appearance) being Jake though. 
...So all I can say about this is that I cannot love or hate a thing that I do not even care to know. I'll pass.

Day 9: Least favorite Animorph
Let's be clear with the question. It's a good question, because I cannot possibly hate an Animorph - their unattractive sides are still acceptable to me because they're humans - they would have to have negative sides to become one (but yeah, I cannot like David. Not at all). Anyway, to get to the point, after years of thinking, I would have to go with Cassie
Image from Scholastic.

She's the guilt-trip of the team; yes, for them to stay human, but still. Also, as for POVs, I enjoyed hers least. This is in reference to the number of rereads her POVs got. I can't pinpoint now why, so I just give this answer. LOL. Plus, why couldn't Cassie and Jake be more showy with their affection? Haha it's not entirely Cassie's fault but I couldn't think of anything else to not like. So there.

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