Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Animorphs 30 Day Challenge: Day 17 - Three heartwarming moments

Day Seventeen: Three heartwarming moments.

1. The characteristics of Pemalites
    - As much as how heart wrecking their end might be, Pemalites, as how they were, are heart warming. When I read the part where their story was being told, I was all 'Awww, I want to meet one.' Their chosen innocence is sweet it makes my heart melt and makes me want a dog so much.

2. Aftran and Cassie's deal
    - To be introduced to a Yeerk who didn't like the war they started for the first time is so good for my Yeerk-hating heart. Applegate had done a great job here in demonstrating the gray areas of life. The Departure should be read not only once.

3. Rachel, crying over Cassie's caterpillar incident
    -  I've just reread book 19: The Departure after reading books 50-54.  They've changed a lot because of the war, and inevitably, relationships suffered. So I was deeply touched by Rachel, crying over Cassie.in book 19 because from feeling so down due to the Animorphs' doubts with each other's motives from the last books, here comes a refreshing part of their story: when their friendship was so fresh that it would truly devastate the hard, cool Rachel to lose Cassie. I imagine, if Rachel would lose Cassie on the last parts of the series, she would return to her memories, of how deep their friendship was, because so much strain had happened to them that their recent encounters would only count Cassie as the 'valuable part of their team'. 

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