Friday, February 14, 2014

Animorphs 30 Day Challenge: Day 19 - Conversations

Day Nineteen: Three favourite quotes/conversations

Animorphs #35: The Proposal 
(1) "<Self-help books?> Ax asked. <Are they similar to instruction manuals?>
<Not exactly, Ax-man,> Tobias said. <Self-help books are like instruction books for living.>
<Indeed? Instructions for living? Such as "Consume necessary nutrients"?"Breathe sufficient air"?>"
This is my first favorite Animorphs conversation that I can remember. I even make 'Breathe sufficient air' as a motto once. Ax makes me laugh out loud most of the time. 

(2) “But mostly, I remembered what I’ve always believed. What my mom taught me. That while some things are just plain awful, most things in life can be seen either tragic or comic. And it’s your choice. Is life a big, long, tiresome slog from sadness to regret to guilt to resentment to self-pity? Or is life weird, outrageous, bizarre, ironic, and just stupid? Gotta go with stupid. It’s not the easy way out. Self pity is the easiest thing in the world. Finding the humor, the irony, the slight justification for a skewed, skeptical optimism. That’s tough." - Marco
This is straight to the heart. I'm a pity person, but I'm doing my best to get out of that because it doesn't make any difference. Sulking isn't the way out. And Marco is one fine example how to make a way out. 

Animorphs #54: The Beginning 

(3) Did it matter? In the end. My life and my - my death - did it change anything? Did I matter?
Yes. You were brave. You were strong. You were good. You mattered.
-Rachel and Ellimist

This is the summation of a life story. I'm hoping that when my time comes, this would be my last thoughts. That I mattered, too. 

From Ax.
Clothing is pliable fabric designed to cover
the human body. Sometimes as protection against the
cold. But mostly, as I understand it, because humans
believe much of their body to be unacceptable. They
are right, of course, but they cover all the wrong
parts: There is nothing uglier than a human


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