Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Animorphs 30 Day Challenge: Day 18 - Funny Aneurysm

Day Eighteen: A Funny Aneurysm Moment (FAM)


I must say this is my FAM:
[From Book 4: The Message]
Marco's cooperative mood hadn't lasted long. I knew it wouldn't. Marco is never happy
unless he's complaining about something. Just like Rachel is never happy unless she has
something to fight against. And Tobias is never happy, period. He thinks if he's ever happy,
someone will just come along and take his happiness away.
When I read this part, I thought the POV (Cassie) was joking about Tobias, so I laughed. Out loud. This would be an FAM in Book 54 though, because the love of his life was taken away from him, at the very end of the effing series. 

I want to please give Tobias a long hug.

And this too:

Rachel's POV, Book 17:

"I think it was a dead body!"Thanks, I thought. Hope that's not a prophecy.

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