Saturday, January 12, 2013

What life lessons you learned as a teen would you pass on to your daughter/niece/inaanak to help them start their teen years right?

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The lessons that I DIDN’T learn when I was a teenager but now I know that I should’ve learned them during those times are, in summary: Do what you want passionately, have specific dreams for your future and aim high at that, and learn something from your education.
1.       Your life is what you only have. Do what you want with it, as long as you remember that you still have obligations to your parents. When they tell you to prioritize your studies because it will take you a long way, listen. But don’t forget that schooling is not your entire life. Don’t get too grade conscious to the point that you’re missing out on many things already. And in everything you do, do it with passion (because mediocrity will lead you somewhere, but not on the place where you really want to be in).
2.       Don’t just dream to graduate with high grades; dream what you want to be after college. One should have something to aspire to as early as possible, because it’s not a sure straight path that you’ll be walking in after graduation.
3.       You, as well as everyone else, are required by your school to know the information and knowledge that’s in the curriculum. Among these, one or two subjects will be your favourite because they sparked your interest. It may not be a subject, though; it may be an extracurricular activity like chess or basketball or doodling. I encourage you to excel in them. Spend more time honing your skill/s, because you will not know what you can do if you don’t.
In addition, I learned that worrying is not a good friend to have, so don’t waste time worrying. Just enjoy life like you’ll never enjoy it tomorrow. A smile is a good companion, though. So always smile, because you are beautiful. If someone told you otherwise, don’t listen to them because they do not know what they are saying. You have youth in your side, and you have a wonderful life and future ahead of you, and that’s what makes you beautiful.

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