Thursday, January 31, 2013

For the delivery guy

For the delivery guy that I deserted, I was truly sorry. I ordered the food because I was so hungry, so I haven't got any reason to desert you at all. I was waiting for the texts (I was wide awake), but my cellphone must not have been working properly that I felt it vibrating after the fifth text. I immediately went down but didn't see anyone there. I waited some minutes more but to no avail. 

I didn't receive texts or comments from you after that. What saddens me is that you should've directed your complaints to me instead of telling it to the woman downstairs. I didn't mean to not get the food, but by the way the woman said it to me, it looked like you told her the opposite of it without even getting my side. It didn't resolve anything, fyi. Because of how the woman ranted at me, my feelings of regret decreased. Also, this incident should have only generated negative feelings from you to me, but because of you getting the woman involved, I also generated negative feelings for you, too. 

And my feelings matter because you're the one who's in business.

This whole incident should be less saddening if only it's just me who was a dick. 

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